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Aries generally are found to pack a punch of good looks and professional skills. They are original, energetic, active, artistic and deeply motivated. They are also seen to be more compatible with the intellectual beings. Known to be practical, they do not let the heart rule the head.

Attributes – Positive And Negative
Ajay Devgan

Aries are confident, enthusiastic and optimistic. They always believe in the best while doing something. They are one of the most loyal zodiacs and passionate for their tasks and skills. They possess excellent organisational skills as well as leadership abilities. They love competition and are dynamic people. Aries are generally brave and do not run away from trial and risk. At any age, they are energetic and youthful.
On the other hand, Aries are also impatient, temperamental, short-tempered and aggressive. They vent out their frustration on others which at times comes across as arrogance or being rude. They can also be selfish and jealous of they are failing at what they want. Violence can also trigger an Aries on the negative side. They cannot hear anything against themselves owing to their ego and pride. In love, they can be over-possessive, which might make their partner uncomfortable and suffocated.

Aries In Relationships
Chitrangada Singh

Aries are very frank and straightforward in their relationships. They do not like playing mind games and one can figure out where they stand in front of an Aries, in terms of their relationships. They try to dominate their partners at times, which is very genuine and obvious. They are also the initiator or relationships and plans in the family, friends and with their partners. They also like strong people who also have their own mind.
Symbol: The Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars
Compatible Sun Signs: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius
Un-compatible Sun Signs: Cancer and Capricorn