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If you want to go for the latest makeup trend this summer, then holographic is the thing! The trend has been around for a year, but is gaining extreme popularity and love now! It has to, obviously, owing to the spunkiness and freshness attached to it. Whether it’s the glittery eye-shadows or the sparkling lips, the trend just cannot be ignored!

DO IT YOURSELF – So now if you are confused about how to kill it with a perfect holographic look sitting at your home then (without looking like disco lights!), my girls, don’t you worry! This is exactly what you have to do. First of all, heat the lip balm using a lighter (yes strangely lighter has other uses too!) till it starts melting a little. Then add shimmery silver and purple eye-shadow to it. Add and mix till the time you have achieved the shade of your choice. Then keep it in the freezer and let it freeze! After the lip balm has frozen and is set, it is ready to be applied on the lips. Once you apply the balm on your lips, don’t forget to smudge some metallic powder to enhance the glow and lustre. And ladies, you are all set to roll the party! Be prepared for all the heads that are going to turn towards you and, you can thank us later!

So, if you are bored of the usual makeup trends that are just too clichéd now, then go for holographic makeup, to give a bold statement with your personality!