Featured ImageSummers have arrived and it’s time to Pack your Bags and head to Mountains or the beaches. While planning to leave from your home, don’t make the same mistake you did last time. Don’t take the same old ratty suitcase again with you. To help you out with Luggage, we show you 3 types of Luggage that will make you look way hotter.

Hard Trolley Suitcase:

Hard Trolley Suitcase
Source: Pinterest

Hard Trolley Suitcase is the best option if you are planning a long Vacation. You don’t have to carry the suitcase and thus frees your hands, so that you can do other works as well. You can easily fit your Shoes, Toiletries, Laptops in it without causing any damage due to its versatile nature. Always opt for the Suitcase which has Multi-Directional Wheels as you can easily move it around anywhere very easily.

A Chic Backpack For Easy Access:

A Chic Backpack For Easy Access
Source: Lauren Conrad

You should always carry a small Chic Backpack with you along with your Suitcase, so that you can fit all the daily essential items like Camera, Notebook, Wallet, Sunglasses etc. in it. You don’t have to open the Suitcase again and again to look for such things.
Go for leather or an embroidered canvas bag which has multiple pockets and is light weight.

A Duffel Bag:

A Duffle Bag
Source: Sewplicity

Leaving for a short vacation? Buy a light weight Duffel Bag, easy to carry, available in wide range of styles. A Duffel bag can easily carry heavy stuffs along with light weight items.