Getting Inked
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There was a time, a few years back, when tattoos were considered a taboo. But gone are those days, thanks to the changing mindsets of people. Getting inked is not just associated to being cool and stylish; it has many more reasons associated to it. People get inked for their loved ones, to remember important days of their lives or even to be constantly motivated. But it is a very important decision of your life, because once inked, it is extremely difficult to go back in time!

Much has been heard and read about what to consider BEFORE getting the tattoo made like the pain involved, design of the tattoo etc. But even more important than these things are the things to be considered WHILE getting the tattoo made! Skin is one of the most sensitive organs of our body and we just can’t afford to be careless with it.

So when getting inked, just keep a checklist of the following precautions

• Sterilization is the most basic and important thing to prevent infection of any kind while getting a tattoo made. So you should make sure that the tattoo studio is well equipped with an autoclave to sterilize the instruments.

• The tattoo artist should also be very careful regarding the cleanliness and hygiene while making the tattoo. Most importantly, he should use sterile gloves during the entire procedure of making the tattoo.

• Since cleanliness is the fundamental unit of getting inked, the entire staff of the studio should be very cautious and vigilant during the process of antisepsis. They should also be extremely hygienic all the time.

• All the items that are being used for making the tattoo, for example needles, should be seal packed before the use and should be opened right in front of you. Used products can cause many skin infections and problems.

Just keep these simple precautions in mind and you can thank us later! Happy Getting-Inked!

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