Featured ImageWhen it comes to fashion, everyone has their own taste. The style of clothing varies in different parts of our country. But one thing which unites the entire country in terms of clothing is the Amazing Bengali Sarees. Saree defines every Indian woman in the most graceful way possible.

Our traditional Saree still rules every woman’s wardrobe and holds a significant position in our fashion industry.

Considering different cultures in our country, Sarees in India come in a variety of ways. For example, South Indians wear Kanjeeevarams while Maharashtrians love doning famous pathani sarees. However, the ones which actually steal our hearts and look most attractive are the Amazing Bengali Sarees. And this festive season we have compiled a list of 5 different types of Sarees you must try:

Murshidabad SilkMurshidabad SilkPopular in the Southern part of the country, Silk saree tops our list. These light sarees are made in bulk, considering their high demand in the Southern part of the nation. However, out of all the silk sarees, Murshidabad silk undoubtedly rules everybody’s heart. This light weighted saree comes in different colourful designs and is the ideal choice for every function.

Korial SareeKorial SareeKorial Saree is also one of the popular Sarees in Bengal. It doesn’t take much time to drape a Korial Saree, which makes it ideal for married women to wear it daily. To make it look even more charming, women pair it with a Red Bindi and hair preferably tied up in a bun.

GaradGaradYou will always consider the Garab Saree and Korial Saree as the same, unless you are a Bengali. Only Bengalis can understand the unnoticeable differences between them as the Garad Saree comes with lighter red border and has flower shaped symbols to make it look more appealing.

Dhakai JamdaniDhakai JamdaniThis transparent and woven Sarees took its origin in Bangladesh before the time of partition. However, the Saree is still popular in Bengal. It looks classy and is ideal for glamorous events. It features a distinct style of design which definitely grabs eyeballs.

BaluchariBaluchariOriginated from village Baluchar, in Murshidabad, Baluchari Sarees looks graceful on every woman. Purely made of Silk, Baluchari looks amazing on portray scenes and little snippets from Indian Methodology such as Mahabharata and Ramayana. Thus, pleating the ‘Pallu’ can actually ruin the look of the Saree.