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Event: An Unposted Love Letter – With Ankita Shrivastava | 18 June 2016

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Jun 18, 2016 Time: 7:30 pm

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An Unposted Love Letter - With Ankita Shrivastava | 18 June 2016

Saturday, 18 June 2016 , 7:30PM

G5A Foundation For Contemporary Culture , Mumbai



Ambal Productions presents An Unposted Love Letter

Adapted from Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing’s short-story

A solo performance by Ankita Shrivastav

Directed by Mohit Sharma

To be held at G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

An Unposted Love Letter

Beautiful. Complex. Creator. Woman.

She shares a lot, bits of herself little notes, often scripted between the lines.

But there are few who would care to read.

And so most often, they remain unposted.

Like those love letters written in one’s days of youth to no one in particular. Or maybe to that one object of your affection, who is in fact totally oblivious.

An unposted love letter is a journey into the mystical world of an artist.

As she lays bare her soul in conflict with society but in consent with her inner-self.

It tells the story of an actor. Maverick. Willful. Independent.

Hard to understand.

Sometimes disruptive.

Often on the wrong side of social norms and moral codes.

But does that count? And what of fame and success?

She leads life on her own terms, guided by a Higher Truth.