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Event: BombayFest : Arabella : Mumbai BellyDance Festival : June21st to June23rd | 21 June 2016

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Jun 21, 2016 Time: 4:00 pm - Jun 23, 2016 Time: 11:55 pm

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BombayFest : Arabella : Mumbai BellyDance Festival : June21st to June23rd | 21 June 2016

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 , 4:00PM

By BombayFest



Arabella: Mumbai BellyDance Festival

June21st – June23rd

3 Days of Workshop Intensives

18 Teachers and Artists

1 Hafla 1 Competition

1 Grand Night at St. Andrews Auditorium

1 After-Party

******Event Co-ordinators*****

For more details on the event and pass assistance:

Raksha 09619439743 || 9619260007 || 9619250007

Online booking for passes: Prateek 9619250011

******3 day Fest Overview*****

21st June 3.30pm – 10pm 4 workshops

22nd June 10am – 5pm 12 Workshops | 8pm BellyDance Competition | 9pm Hafla Performances and Jam

23rd June 10am – 3pm 9 Workshops | 4pm Show Technicals | 8.00pm Arabella Night at St. Andrews Auditorium | 10.30pm Party.

*****Festival and Full Pass*****

Festival Season Pass: 7000Rs. | 6000Rs. for outstation*

on Early Bird (Inclusive of workshops, hafla and show passes)

Full Season Pass: 8500Rs. | 7500Rs. for outstation* on Early Bird (Inclusive of the above pre-seasn workshops and HipHop workshops “The Grey Hustle” too)

*****Single Day Passes*****

Early bird Single Day Festival Passes

Only Day 1 Pass 2500Rs. | includes 4 mass workshops

Only Day 2 Pass 3500Rs. | includes 12 workshops and Hafla

Only Day 3 Pass 3000Rs. | includes 8 workshops Show and Party Pass

*****Audience Passes*****

Audience pass for Hafla: To be announced

Audience pass for Grand Arabella Night: 500Rs.

Online booking option available


Venue Day 1 : Bhakti Vedanta Mission High School Auditorium, Shastri Nagar lane 2, Behind Citimall, Andheri west

Day 2 Workshops venue: To be announed shortly

Day 2 Hafla Venue: To be announced shortly

Day 3 Workshops Venue: To be announced shortly

Day 3 Show Venue: St. Andrews Auditorium Bandra, 8pm

Day 3 Party Venue: To be Announced shortly

*****Early Bird Dates*****

Early Bird extended till 7th June only . Post 7th June increase of 25 percent on passes. Post early bird prices will be announced on 5th June

******Competition Contestants*****

Step1. Register your name with us on bombayfest@gmail.com

Step 2. Send us a 2-3 minute non-edited elims video to raksharqi@gmail.com and cc bombayfest@gmail.com alongwith your cell number and residing city, you can use WeTransfer if the files are huge or upload it on youtube and send us the link, videos need to be recent and especially shot for this competition any previous video may not work for you . Send video entries before or on 10thJune 11pm .

Step 3. We will be shortlisting 4 Oriental and 4 Tribal Fusion/Fusion to perform and compete at the hafla.

Step 4. Once shortlisted you will travel at your own expense and no cost will be borne by the organisers.

Step 5. We intend to have 1 winner per category.

Judges names wont be announced. Decision of management will be final and binding. Props are allowed, however no stage props that would need more than 8 feet height.

There are prizes in cash and kind. For more info on competition or to register, call Raksha on 09619439743.

Registration fee: 500Rs. per entry, Multiple entries/videos upto 3 are allowed. If not from Mumbai, you can register online. Call on the above number for queries .

*****Festival Workshop Schedule*****

Day 1 21st June 2016

21st June: 3.30pm: Priyanka Valecha

Topic: Oye Hoye! Drum Solo

Sharp, Energetic, Bold. Loosen up your hair. Tie your hip scarf. Oyee hoyee it’s a drum solo!!

21st June: 5.10pm: Payal Gupta

Topic: Sensational Oriental

If you like Raks Sharqi and want to up the ante, this workshop is for you! Dynamic combinations, crisp turns, arabesques, powerful accents, sensuous arms, enchanting entrance and exit and so much drama!!! Learn all this in one sensational orchestral song SEHERZADE by Yousry Sharif and be ready for your next competition!

21st June: 6.50pm: Bindu Bolar

Topic: Drill it ! Kill it ! Tribalina Way!

Learn drill combos to strengthen your Tribal Fusion Belly Dance foundations and aesthetics. As we progress we will explore the techniques unique to my styling of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance characterized by sharp isolations, pops, locks, dime stops, waving, challenging layers and a touch of animation, all in context of belly dancing off course 😉 Add that ‘x’ factor that you always wanted to your dancing. Let’s step up the game!

Let the drills begin..

21st June: 8.30pm: Meher Malik

Topic: Advanced Layering and Fusion Patterns

This workshop will be an exploration of creating clean, distinct advance layers of simultaneous movement. You will be challenged to work on your ability to do multiple isolations at one time and create exciting layers. This is not only going to be in an Egyptian format but also with some exciting Fusion elements …The Meher Malik Way!

Learn how to layer elements of different dance styles on top of the above Bellydance techniques, isolations and layers. You will also learn dynamic fusion patterns which will not only give you a fresh perspective to Bellydance but at the same time work on building and improving your Bellydance techniques.

Venue: The above workshops will take place at Bhaktivedanta Mission High School, Shastri Nagar lane 2, Behind Citi Mall, Andheri West.

*****Day 2 – 22nd June-Schedule*****

22nd June: 10.00 – 11.20am Studio 1

Dipika Vijay: Popped Locked Armed and Layered

Introduction to authentic bits of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Learn the application and difference between pops and locks the correct way …the Belly Dance way! After breaking bones and muscles we’ll give them a break and switch to some very gorgeous arm movements as done in Tribal Fusion. The final stroke will be attacking them LAYERS!!…the staccato of locks and gooeyness of arms and a few drops of pops. You’ll be able to take home amazing practice patterns for personal drilling and some exciting combinations to show off!

22nd June 10.00am – 11.20am Studio 2

Pia Bhurke: Tarab

Tarab is not a dance style – it’s that epic moment of a feeling derived from hearing music whether it is instrumental or voice or both together expressing either joy, pain, sorrow or any other intense emotion. The deep feeling and emotion the listener or dancer experience from the musical experience is called Tarab.

In this workshop, the concept of Tarab will be applied to an Indian song while using the Egyptian technique.

22nd June 10.00am – 11.20am Studio 3

Shruti Narayanan: Saidi

Want to expand your bellydance repertoire? Then now is your chance! At the Saidi Techniques and Combos workshop, you will learn the basics of Egypt’s most loved folkloric dances, native to the region of Sa’aid! Get your groove on with foot tapping folkloric numbers and get ready for an unforgettable Saidi experience with carefully crafted combinations, sassy Saidi styling and cool tricks with the popular prop – the CANE.

22nd June 11.30am – 12.50pm Studio 1

Raksha Kumar : Travelling and Foot Patterns in BellyDance

Who doesn’t love travelling while dancing? This workshop will introduce you to some slinky footwork and travel patterns in Oriental style of Bellydance. You will learn to travel with isolations and layering. We then put these movements into interesting combinations that can be used for practise or performance. This workshop will definitely add spice to your overall Bellydance repertoire.

22nd June 11.30am – 12.50pm Studio 2

Yagna Chheda: Tribal Fusion Belly dance Conditioning and Yoga

This workshop will help you learn Yoga and Bellydance conditioning exercises for foot, leg and arm along with combinations to build strength and technique for Tribal Fusion style of Bellydance.

22nd June 11.30am – 12.50pm Studio 3

Ada Kyra: Soul Tatkaar

Description: Learn the signature Bellydance style of Ada Kyra which has elements of Kathak, Sufi & Folk.

***12.50 – 1.40 Lunch Break***

22nd June 1.40pm – 3.00pm Studio 1

Payal gupta: Khaleeji and Zaar

Khaleeji is a traditional folkloric dance from Persian Gulf. It is joyful, lively, expressive, gestural and delicate dance performed in events involving happiness and celebration using a thobe and soft movements of the wrists, neck, hair and the chest to a bouncy khaleeji rhythm.

Zaar is a trance ritual that predates Islam and is still performed in many Middle Eastern and North African countries, including Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and others. It involves moving of the head in various patterns originating from the waist & the ribcage. Learn the similarities and differences in these styles of dance, their usage & history along with some combos.

22nd June 1.40pm – 3.00pm Studio 2

Aakriti Prasad: Improvisation Techniques on a Drum Solo

Identify your music and percussion rhythms. Learn to create your own improvisations and connections keeping in mind Tribal Fusion aesthetics.

22nd June 1.40pm – 3.00pm Studio 3

Arun Bhardwaj: Temple Tribal Fusion Bellydance

This workshop is about the art of embodying graceful momentum within the body. How do you hold the presence of prayer and devotion while you dance? This dance workshop will derive inspirations from sacred ethnic dances, devotional music and sufi poetry. We will observe the most basic fundamental structures of geometry to find that all energy undulates, moving in wave form patterns; it spirals the same way that our DNA is structured. When we observe this wave we can choose to flow with it or against. We will discover an unlimited expression of Grace to play with.

22nd June 3.00pm – 4.20pm Studio 1

Bindu Bolar: Medusa – Secrets of the Serpent

Tribal Fusion incorporates the quality of being ‘snake like’ in its presentation. In this session we will explore the ooey gooey hypnotic serpentine moves specific to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. We will also work on body conditioning exercises specifically targeted to help create ease of movement in the spinal cord, neck, ribcage, arms, belly and the hips. We will also focus on the slow juicy combos, fluid transitions, body control and learn some mesmerizing yet strong movement phrases. Get ready to feel some muscles you never knew you had.

Bones OFF! Muscles ON!

22nd June 3.00pm – 4.20pm Studio 2

Deepthi Shetty: Contemporary Approach to Bellydance

Definitely for the daring! Fly high with pointed toes or stay firmly grounded with earthy moves – when you combine two extreme opposites, an interesting form of movement is born. Let go off yourself one second exploring the floor with dynamic contemporary movements and gain back control the next second with locks, pops and isolations. When Belly Dancing and Contemporary come together, you know it will result in something interesting!

Note: Workshop will involve floor exercises, please make sure you wear slacks/pants and be comfortable.

22nd June 3.00pm – 4.20pm Studio 3

Sneha Amlani: Bellydance Makeup Tips and Tricks

Description: TBA

*****Day 2 Night *****

8.00pm- BellyDance Competition Finals

9.00pm onwards- BellyDance Hafla Night and Jam

*****Day 3 Schedule****

23rd June 10am – 11.20am Studio 1

Deepthi Shetty: DEVI- Indian Fusion Bellydance

Bringing together the rhythm of Indian classical and Belly Dance, this workshop ‘DEVI’ is quintessentially the most graceful and powerful blend of different movements. The lines, expressions and bashful ‘adas’ of Indian classical with the strong accents, shimmies and pops of Belly Dancing and while one is an unbroken flow of the body movements, the other focuses on just the opposite – breaking that flow and isolating body movements. Devi is the combination of Indian aesthetics with intense oriental passion.

23rd June 10am – 11.20am Studio 2

Priyanka Valecha: Beyond basics

Experiment with your body language and postures, internal and external energy by polishing the basics with control, balance and dynamism. Make that movement YOURS. Own it. Live it.

Basics to perfection and practice till you get the basics.

Ps: b to p and oh! P till you get the b!!

23rd June 10am – 11.20am Studio 3

Rakhi Singh: Theatrical BellyDance

As you all know “Theatrical” means dramatic, exaggerated self-display of emotions.Theatrical bellydance, is all about telling a story via expressing different emotions through bellydance. The choreography will comprise of ballet, contemporary and jazz movements combined with belly dance and will be divided into 2 parts to showcase 2 sides of a human being,

”Black & white” / “Hate & Love” / “War & Peace”.

1st part:- Will demonstrate, the negative side of the human i.e. anger, jealousy ,hatred.

2nd part :- Will showcase the positive side of the human i.e. love, peace , happiness, humanity, care.

23rd June 11.30am – 12.50pm Studio 1


How often do you deconstruct your music before performing on it? Do you know the essential rhythms? Do you know how they sound, feel or have to be interpreted in order to fully understand how to dance to them? Learn the most important rhythms played on the Darbuka by Payal herself and how to identify and dance to them meaningfully to construct a full-fledged choreography on orchestral Raks Sharki music.

23rd June 11.30am – 12.50pm Studio 2

Aakriti Prasad: Odissi Tribal Fusion

Learn the nuances and stillness of Odissi. Know more about the dance, hands and postures and put it all together in a small routine piece to take back home.

23rd June 11.30am – 12.50pm Studio 3

Preeti & Dhara (Soul Gypsies): Power Plexus- Rolls, Flutters and Undulations

Learn the sultry rolls, crisp flutters and wavy undulations. Experience the activation of solar plexus (Manipura chakra) by using massages and breath work followed by in-depth techniques of executing rolls, flutters and undulations.

23rd June 1.40pm – 3.00pm Studio 1

Meher Malik: Experiments with Fusion

Learn how to experiment in Bellydancing with the previous knowledge you have and using that knowledge as well as elements of other dance styles, bring new language to your body. Meher will take you through an exciting class with lots of fun group/solo activities and tasks, playing with the Bellydance techniques and other styles of dance. You will learn to come up with original concepts and ideas all by yourself just by using the above tools and secrets shared by Meher. By the end of the workshop, you will have a new way to approach Bellydance and will be able to create an interesting vocabulary inside your own pieces, adding spice to your Bellydance journey!

23rd June 1.40pm – 3.00pm Studio 2

Bindu Bolar: Zilloholic- Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing with Zills

This workshop would introduce you to some basic Zill patterns and we would execute these patterns in an interesting and super fun Tribalina style choreography. Intricate muscular isolation’s, layering patterns, footwork and Tribalina’s techniques with the flavor of finger cymbals!! Yes it would seem like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. But what better than challenging yourself to the next level!!

***Lunch Break 3.00pm – 4.00pm***

*****Day 3 Second Half Schedule ******

4.00pm – Reporting Time at St. Andrews Audi for Technicals

7.45pm – Gates open for show

8.00pm – Arabella Night with 25+ performances

*****Event Co-ordinators*****

Online bookings for passes: Prateek 9619250011

Passes assistance: Kiran 9619260007

Performers, Artists, Passes assistance Raksha 9619439743 Arunima 9892620825


You can also collect the passes personally from our venues which will be enlisted shortly. Feel free to call us on the above numbers for queries and concerns. If you find any of the numbers unavailable drop us a text and we will revert ASAP. Also you can drop us message on the facebook page or email us on bombayfest@gmail.com

Lets have a great time

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Jun 21, 2016 Time: 4:00 pm
Jun 23, 2016 Time: 11:55 pm
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