Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma
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Friends and foes are probably two contrary words but when it comes to Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, the one-time friends and one-time foes cannot really do without each other. Does this remind you of Tom & Jerry who could never live with each other nor could stay without each other? Well, even after huge ego-fight between the two main stars of The Kapil Sharma Show and intolerable insult of Sunil Grover, the Kapil Sharma’s co-star is willing to make a come-back at the show again.

Although both of them are the sturdiest stand-up comedians of the era, the fact remains that Kapil and Sunil are each other’s backbones. They have been, certainly, the pillars of the comedy shows even when The Kapil Sharma Show, on Sony now, was Comedy Nights with Kapil on Colours.

Sunil Grover
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Who can forget when Guthi (Sunil Grover) had walked out from the Comedy Nights with Kapil? No matter what the issue was, the duo tied up again and came up with even more entertaining episodes. And of course, the famous character like Dr. Mashoor Gulati was also emerged due to their sound pairing up at The Kapil Sharma Show.

Now, when the two are performing separately on different shows, the spark seems to be missing. Although Sunil Grover Dr. Mashoor Gulati Comedy Clinic went house-full on Sunday, audiences could feel Kapil Sharma’s absence.

And now, since Sunil Grover has decided to join Kapil back on the comedy show on Sony TV, the flair of the show is expected to rise again. To this, Sunil Grover aka Dr. Mashoor Gulati tweeted and clarified about his intentions that are to act and entertain people with dignity and that money cannot be the single matter to do or deny something. See the tweet below:

It is also being heard that friend Sunil Pal, over Facebook, had tried to convince Sunil Grover to return to Kapil reminding him of the time when he tried to do something of his own but could not succeed and had to go back to Kapil.

So, will the duo unite back again to break the laughter on the show all over again?