Featured ImageIn past One Year, many rumors have been coming about Salman Khan’s Brother In Law Ayush Sharma, making his Bollywood debut.

Lately, Ayush Sharma was seen accompanying Salman Khan on the sets of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan etc. Ayush has been learning Film Making from quite some time now and undeniably, he is working too hard to learn the ropes of acting and work on his body to give a tough competition to the stars of today’s generation.

Reports were coming that Kabir Khan was planning to launch him in his next movie, but the director shuts everything claiming that nothing has been finalized yet. All are rumors. Actor-turned film maker Sohail Khan has even said that Arpita’s husband might get somebody bigger for his launch. He doesn’t need them.

Recently, pictures have come across where Ayush was seen outside Karan Johar’s home quite a few times, and we now got know which bigger film maker Sohail was hinting at. Ayush however is not from a film background but is keen to try his hands in Bollywood and is giving his Heart and Soul to make his first Movie a Blockbuster.

When it comes to launching new comers, Karan has also been there at the top of the list and Ayush might be his next one. Though it’s not official but that’s what we would like to assume.