Priyanka Chopra Yellow Eye Shadow

When Girls talk about being Fashionable, being Experimental is always attached to it. Because after all, what are we if not Experimental in our Fashion Sense! But why is that the new ideas and Experiments are usually linked with just your attire and not Make-Up? We always restrict ourselves in trying out new Make-Up Ideas and just stick to the old and followed ones. But that is where we are wrong, especially when we talk about the Eye Make-up. So, if you love applying Eye Make-Up, this is the perfect time to go and try the trending yellow eye shadow like Priyanka Chopra, which may sound bizarre but is actually very cool and perfect for Summers!

We know that since you have already started imagining yourselves in Yellow Eye Shadow to contemplate if it will go with your Skin tone or not, we must tell you that it looks lovely with every skin tone! That is the thing about Yellow Colour, it complements everybody!

So, here are some really easy and simple tips to be kept in mind (compulsorily) to pull of the ‘Yellow Eye Shadow-Look’ like a pro.

  1. If you think Yellow is looking too dull and making your Eyes look droopy, then you should go for the Evergreen Black Liner and Mascara. The Black Liner has always done wonders to define the Eyes and Eyelids Beautifully.
  2. If you want to make the Yellow Colour more prominent, then brace your Eyelids with a concealer or White Coloured Eye Shadow to let the Pigment look more lively and Sparkling.
  3. Since Gold and Yellow come from the same roots, you can style up your Yellow Eye Shadow with one layer of Golden Eye Shadow to bring the perfect combination of Yellow and Gold.
  4. Last but not the least, since you are going for the perky Yellow Colour Eye Shadow, you must keep the remaining Make-Up very simple to avoid looking overdone!