kapil sharma showHappy family is the one that always smiles and makes other smile. And so was the family of stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma on his much-reputed – The Kapil Sharma Show telecasted on Sony Entertainment. The cast and crew of the Kapil Sharma Show shared phenomenal camaraderie both on and off the stage. Chandan Prabhakar (Chaiwala), Ali Asgar (Naani), Sunil Grover (Dr. Mashoor Gulati and other various characters) – entire team at the show made a historic comedy platform and had given sleepless nights to their competitors.

Everything was happy and jovial till Kapil got drunk and misbehaved with his co-star Sunil Grover and the team. This is not the entire story. There is a lot more to comment on Kapil Sharma’s offensive behaviour and all this started on their way to return journey to India from their show in Australia. Here is what exactly happened – kapil and sunilAccording to a source, who was an eyewitness of the incidence, Kapil Sharma was fully charged with Glenfiddich whisky and was evidently drunk. On the return journey to India in a 12-hour flight, the team was served the food by the cabin crew which they started to have. The all-out Kapil Sharma, who was expecting his team to wait for him to join, lost his temperament. “Jab maine khana shuru nahi kiya to tum logo ne kaise le liya khana?” – were the words of Kapil who was still drinking.

kapil And sunil Grover clashKapil’s aggressiveness and loud behaviour made the entire team so uncomfortable that they tried to return their unfinished food trays to the cabin crew. Thinking of controlling Kapil’s behaviour in a flight, in front of other passengers, Sunil tried to calm Mr. Sharma down. To the team and people’s disappointment, Kapil rather started abusing his co-star and took his shoe off and hit Sunil. He even pulled Sunil’s collar showing with great disrespect.

kapil show“Tum logon ko maine banaya hai. Sabka career khatam kar dunga.!” – furious Kapil shouted on Sunil and his team. The words were not limited to these but Kapil even commented on Sunil’s earlier walk-out from his previous show on Colours – Comedy Nights with Kapil, “Gaya tha na tu toh pehle bhi. Aaya na wapas mere hi paas.”

After the drastic episode of Kapil Sharma with his cast and crew, it is being heard that Sunil is not willing to return to Kapil even if he gets paid double the amount. Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar, too, are avoiding Kapil Sharma’s shoot for the 2nd consecutive day. For the audiences and fans of The Kapil Sharma Show, if Kapil is the heart of the show, Sunil is the heart-beat. Will Kapil be able to run his all-time hit comedy show without Dr. Mashoor Gulati?