Featured ImageWhat they eat?… Where they go?… What do they like?.. Every fan wishes to unwind these questions about their favorite Actor/Actresses. And when it comes to Food, most of us believe that these Actors have strict diet plans. But seldom of us are aware that they also love to indulge themselves with their Favorite Foods without counting calories. Here are such Actors from South:

DhanushDhanushOne of the cutest Actor in industry is truly South Indian by heart. He loves to indulge himself with typical South-Indian delicacies Idlis and Dosas. The Actor is completely Vegetarian and and active promoter of it.

JyothikaJyothikaThis pretty Tollywood diva loves to relish Hyderabadi Biryani. Apart from this, she loves to relish Thai Foods. Like other Actors, this Tollywood-Beauty is also Calorie-conscious but when it comes to her Favorite Food, she loves to enjoy them at times.

Shruti HassanShruti HassanFrom chunks of Beef to a medium rare Steak, this slim-trim Actress has a long list of Non-Vegetarian delicacies on its love-list. But as the Father Kamal Hasan reprimanded her for Non-Vegetarian consumption, she has now turned into complete Vegan.

Hansika MotwaniHansika MotwaniBeing brought up in the northern part of India, this Tollywood beauty can’t afford to give Rajma-Rice a miss. Obviously, it is a first choice of majority of North Indians. But the actress also loves to relish Idlis as South Indian delicacy.

Prakash RajPrakash RajAlthough he loves to explore Biryanis from different regions, Hyderabad Biryani tops the chart of his love list. He believes that the Biryani is a complete food that has ever invented and do not miss any chance to taste at the different places of his visits.

RajinikanthRajinikanthWhen it comes to Tollywood, who does not know the God of Tollywood, Rajinikanth. While the Actor is known for his super-style, his choice of Food is also supercilious – Mutton or Chicken Curry. Yes, without considering its Calorie-counts, this Actor love to indulge himself in this sinful affair.

Shriya SaranShriyan SaranWith her generous appetite, this Tollywood laden love to gorge upon Dark Chocolates.With her preference for Indian Food considering it as a Balance dies, this adorable Actress savors simple Chapati and curry as her favourites.

Kamal HasanKamal HasanFrom Persian Cuisine to Kerala delicacy Karimeen Fish Fry, this super-star drools for all these delicacies including Biryanis. This Non-Vegan prefers to limit his Non-Vegetarian diet. Calories counts!

Kajal AgarwalKajal AgarwalSplurging on Hyderabadi Biryani is one of favorite task for this Fitness Freak Actress. Whenever she gets a chance she loves to relish Tamil dishes. Although she maintains a strict diet, but not able to resist these mouth-watering delicacies and gives an escape to her diet plan occasionally.

SuryaSuryaAlthough it is not clear if this actor follows a Vegetarian or a Non-Vegetarian diet plan, but his choice of food is quite simple. He loves to indulge himself in one of the staple South-Indian delicacy – plain Curd Rice. Simple yet delicious!

Do you still wonder what fuel-up these powerhouses?