Chandan Prabhakar Is Coming Back
Source: Free Press Journal

Gone has the time when everybody used to praise Kapil Sharma and his team as no issue had ever come between them. They even stood together when their show was being shifted to a different channel. But the entire scenario changed when they went to Australia as a team but never returned as one. This was because of the shocking incident that happened on the flight which ultimately led to grudges between them.

The fight between Sunil Grover and heavily drunk Kapil Sharma had blown the fans as it was reported that Kapil had thrown a shoe at Sunil whilst abusing him. After the tragic incident, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar supported Sunil and hence, had left the show, while Kiku Sharda preferred to continue with the Kapil Sharma.

No matter how many apologies Kapil made, the fans did not get the old Kapil Sharma Show! This also led to the reduced TRPs of the show.

Recently, Comedy Nights for Tubelight with Sunil Grover (Dr. Mashoor Gulati) was aired over the weekend for which the Kapil Sharma’s show was called off. However, the most-desired Mashoot Gulati and his team could not bring their audiences to much laughter and probably, this is the reason Chandan Prabhaker (Chai Wala) is coming back to his old home.

Yes, you read it right! Chandan Prabhakar is coming back on the show, putting an end to all the rumours of a new show being started by Sunil Grover and others. And hearing this news, Kiku Sharda is on top of the world. He has also made a touching post on twitter showing his happiness and welcoming back his friend.

After the issues being sorted between Kapil Sharma and Chandan Prabhakar, the biggest question still remains that whether Sunil Grover will return on the show or not?