Kareena KapoorThere are certain Bollywood Celebrities who come up with bizarre demands and tantrums before Signing the Film. Let’s check out who they are:

Salman Khan
Salman KhanSalman Khan’s Movies break every records each time it hits the screen. The Actor doesn’t like to work with every Film Maker as the star has couple of strange demands, which the filmmakers have to accept before Signing him for the Movie. Salman doesn’t like kissing on Silver Screen. The actor rejects the Movie which has Intimate Scenes with his Co-Actor. One more demand which our Dabbang Actor has is that he will not get slapped by anyone in the movie. Never! Ever! Ever!

Akshay KumarAkshay KumarWalking up at 4 in the Morning, our Superstar Akshay Kumar follows a strict schedule. Wrapping up all his work before evening, Akki knows how to make a balance between work and family. Akshay doesn’t like to work at late nights and sleeps at 8 PM. Actor doesn’t do a movie where the shoots happen at nights. Also the actor doesn’t like to work on Sundays. Like all of us our khilladi also takes off on Sunday.

Kareena KapoorKareena KapoorKareena kapoor Khan inevitably is one of the most successful Actresses in the industry. The gorgeous diva has made a name in the industry through her hard work and determination. And now before saying yes for a Movie, the Actor has a condition that she will only work with A-Star Actors. After giving so many years the Actor insists that she only deserves the best in the industry.

Hritik RoshanHritik RoshanArguably, Hritik has the best Physique in the industry and he has been maintaining it for over a decade now. Hritik is too strict when it comes to his eating habits and workout. He rarely misses out his workout and or any meal. Not a big fan of Fast Food, Hritik has a condition that he will always take his take his chef with him on outdoor shoots and the Filmmakers should provide him a suitable place to work out, no matter where the shoot is.

Kangana RanautKangana RanautThe Queen Actor “Kangana Ranaut” does live like a queen. The actor doesn’t like to pick her callson sets. Her assistant always accompany her on all her shoots. Her personal assistant attends all her calls at the shoots.