Featured ImageA Charismatic Charm, an infectious vibe and a ripped physique is what you need in a man, and unarguably our Birthday Boy Ranveer Singh has it all. Wishing him on his 31st Birthday, we bring you 7 facts about Ranveer Singh that you might be unaware of:

Ranveer Once Dated His College Love Ahana DeolRanveer once dated his college love Ahana Deol before making his debut in 2010. The relationship was going smooth but then Anushka Sharma and Band Baja Baarat happened. His ex, however, is married now and leading a happy life.

Ranveer Worked As A Copywriter In An Advertising agencyAfter graduating from college and before making his debut in the Industry, Ranveer worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency.

Ranveer Has A Never Ending Love For X-Rated MagazinesRanveer has a never ending Love for X-Rated Magazines and the actor doesn’t shy away from saying that. He actually buys every X-rated Magazine from every country he visits.

Ranveer Rejected 3 MoviesBefore making his debut with Anushka Sharma in Band Baja Baarat, the actor had apparently rejected 3 movies and eventually went for the Yashraj Blockbuster. The actor certainly got the reward for his patience.

Ranveer Shortened His NameRanveer shortened his name from Ranveer Singh Bhavnani to Ranveer Singh, so that the people could pronounce his name easily. The Actor’s full name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani.

Ranveer Loves His Mother And Listens To Her For EverythingBelonging to a Punjabi family, you can expect him to be a mama’s boy. The 31 year old Actor loves his Mother and listens to her for everything.

Ranveer Singh and Sonam Kapoor Are Second CousinsRanveer Singh and Sonam Kapoor are apparently second cousins. Ranveer is actually Sonam Kapoor’s aunt son.