Sonam Gupta Beer Cafe

Meanwhile all the social channels are busy finding all about Sonam Gupta  – the same girl from #sonamguptabewafahai – Beer Café announced free beer to the ladies named ‘Sonam Gupta.’ Is this ridiculous or amazing or ridiculously amazing? The story is taking over the internet and getting viral as the quote – “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai” appeared at newly printed Rs. 2000 note. Here is how it all started.

Long long time ago, when lovers used to carve their names with heart shape on the trees, tables and other wooden objects, there appeared a lover, probably ditched by his girlfriend, who wrote the quote on a Rs. 10 note. The note got circulated and so the quote and of course, the legend of Sonam Gupta.

Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai

The story of the boy was just about to give it a sad end, as it appears, when a mischievous mind thought of giving it a fresh lease and re-wrote the same quote on freshly printed Rs. 2000 note.

Who is Sonam Gupta? Where does she live? Is she alive? Did she really ditch her boyfriend? Certainly, we do not have answer to any of these questions but whosoever’s name is Sonam Gupta – you can go and grab your free Beer at Beer’s largest chain in the country – The Beer Café.

Beer Café serves over 50 varieties of beer in more than 17 countries. The same café is now providing free beer to those who come up with her ID proof certifying their name as Sonam Gupta.

Beer Cafe Tweet
India Today

A tweet from Beer Cafe Calling all Sonam  to hear Sonam’s side of story. So Sonam, you going?