Shahrukh KhanAccording to our beloved Shahrukh Khan, “if you like him then raise your hands and if you don’t then raise your standards’’. Well, that is entirely true, because honestly, who would not like this extremely witty, sassy and crazy Badshah of Bollywood! Whether it’s his spontaneous comebacks in interviews or his touching scenes in movies, SRK has the charm to impress everybody! And that is just about his personality! Wait till we start talking about his acting skills, as the praise in that department can never be enough! From playing the role of a Bad Boy to a Chocolate Boy, from a Coach to a Crazy Lover, he has managed to keep us smitten since forever!

So we have brought a list of Experimentative Roles of Shah Rukh Khan that the Badshah of Bollywood pulled off and gave his haters in their face!

Sunil In ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’Sunil in Kabhi ‘Haan Kabhi Naa’The one side love of SRK on silver screen is relatable for guys who get friend-zoned even today! (No offence, there!) The love he had for Anna, crazy tactics he used to win her and the way he deals with the situation when his cover gets blown made us fall for this talented actor. Taking a risky decision by choosing this kind of role at the beginning of his career only took him to success!

Kabir Khan In ‘Chak De India’Kabir Khan in ‘Chak De India’The role of Kabir Khan, that is of a defamed hockey player and how he achieves back the respect, is one of the most iconic roles in SRK’s career. Although he is known for his romantic image in Bollywood, but in Chak de India he left everybody in awe with his anything-but-romantic role while taking the sports film to a whole new level! And ever since, the perfectionist Kabir Khan will always be in our hearts!

Rahul In ‘Darr’Rahul in ‘Darr’To all the people who have the balls to criticize Shahrukh Khan and his acting skills, go and watch Darr and you will be left speechless. The role of Rahul as an obsessed, psychotic and violent lover made us love to hate him! He gave us chills down the spine with his on screen presence! Although he did not get the girl in the end, his fabulous acting won everybody’s hearts!

Gaurav In ‘Fan’Gaurav in ‘Fan’So many movies have been made with the concept of double roles, but carrying the role of your craziest fan and doppelganger is something which only SRK could have pulled off! Using technology to look like his younger self and also mimicking his star attitude in the film, SRK did everything possible to make the movie successful! And therefore, Fan has become one of the most important films of his career.

Ajay Sharma In ‘Baazigar’Ajay Sharma in ‘Baazigar’Baazigar is one movie that is always considered a little ahead of its time because of its new and thrilling concept! And nobody would have done the justice to the role of a psychopath criminal, Ajay Sharma, who seeks revenge for his father’s demise. And boy, did he amaze with his breathtaking performance! In the 90s, he made us hate him, sympathize with him and most importantly love, all of this at the same time!

Mohan In ‘Swades’Mohan in ‘Swades’Saying goodbye to exotic locations and extravagant movie-sets, Shahrukh Khan took this role which actually had some meaningful things to portray. He played an NRI who leaves everything and comes to a small village of India to bring development. His entire journey in villages of India taught us that we can also bring some kind of change in the society. The sweet and innocent Mohan managed to make a permanent place in our hearts.

Raees In ‘Raees’Raees in ‘Raees’With the negative character, which apparently everybody loves in the movie, Shahrukh Khan again set our hearts on fire in the bad-boy image! The smuggling and killing but hence being good at heart, the role of Raees is latest in the list which you just can’t miss!