Cover ImageGone are the days when only an Actor’s acting skills mattered to stay afloat in the Bollywood Entertainment Industry. Nowadays, it is as much about having a good physique as about being talented; perhaps even more.

Fitness industry in India has boomed in recent times, and people are realizing the importance of being physically fit and healthy in our polluted nation. Bollywood actors too play a key role in motivating us, and making us realize how important is to stay healthy, and induce us every now and then to hit the gym every day.

Almost every actor in Bollywood works on his/her fitness and hit the gym. But only some are freaks, who have taken it to another level and works a lot on their fitness. Here are those top 10 fitness freaks of Bollywood:

Salman KhanSalman KhanThe First Actor in our industry who has actually started the trend of going to the Gym, Salman Khan is undoubtedly the role models of many in India. The actor works out 2 hours daily and Eats a healthy diet to stay fit.

Hritik RoshanHrithik RoshanHritik has a Gym at home and works out there only. The actor has a personal Chef who goes along with him whenever Hritik has a shoot outside the city. His daily work out and good Healthy Food is the reason for that slim and chiseled physique.

Tiger ShroffTiger ShroffSon of a renowned Bollywood Actor Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff is trained in Martial Arts. The guy hits the Gym everyday and loves to Dance, play Football, Kickboxing to Chisel his physique. Actor stresses on too much Animal based Protein and has a lot of Chicken and Fish in his diet.

Shilpa ShettyShilpa ShettyAnother slender figure Actress who stays lean throughout the year definitely motivates us with her fitness schedule. The Actor often posts her Fitness and Yoga videos on YouTube. Fashionable Diva eats her dinner before 8 pm and doesn’t prefer to sleep late in the night.

Bipasha BasuBipasha BasuThe 36 year old Actress Bipasha Basu is a Fitness enthusiast, who never fails to give time to her fitness. The actress carries a fit and toned body throughout the year. The actor trains with her trainer which is also her good friend Deanne Pandey and has some crazy videos on YouTube relating to fitness.

Shahid KapoorShahid KapoorVegetarian Boy Shahid Kapoor has always given Health and Fitness as his first priority. The actor apparently doesn’t Drink and Smoke and is a Vegetarian. Now you must have known how to get those rippling muscles and amazing abs??

John AbrahamJohn AbrahamThe big guy, who works out every morning, and likes to have that big muscle size, is certainly a fitness monster. John eats hell lot of calories a day to maintain that size. He eats 40 egg whites a day and works out six days a week.

Akshay KumarAkshay KumarThe Khiladi of our Bollywood industry doesn’t rely on gym to remain fit. Akshay is a martial arts expert and is crazy about adventure sports. Akshay mixes up a lot of activities to stay fit.

Vidyut JamwalVidyut JamwalVidyut Jamwal is a trained Martial Artist, Model and Actor in Indian Cinema. The guy is an epitome of Fitness who follows his own method while training in the Gym. Only for strength training Jamwal goes to Gym every 3-4 days a week. Apart from Gym, he practices Gymnastics, Martial Arts regularly.

Arjun RampalArjun RampalActor and former Model Arjun Rampal doesn’t like to hit the Gym everyday to stay fit. However, the Actor loves Sports and plays different Sports activities to keep him fit.