Slay Unisex Salon Hauz Khas

Anybody looking to have a quick and refreshing makeover and get over the old, boring hairstyle and look, turn to Slay Unisex Salon in Hauz Khas, New Delhi. It has got some amazing deals for you. Certainly new, but the brand seems to have emerged to give competition to the established brands.

Courtesy Aakriti Bhambri and Rohit Balani who have introduced Slay Salon to New Delhi and have given beautiful option to get makeover in all new way with all new brand. In collaboration with a famous brand – label.m, the salon offers some elite services.

Here is a quick view of the Salon –

Slay Unisex Salon Delhi
Very impressive. As you will enter the Slay Salon, the reception area is just enough to imply how amazing the inner area and services are going to be. A big photo frame of “Guruji” hanging on the wall, a laughing Buddha at one side of the reception table and antique piece on the other side – beautifully designed with purpose of impressing customers in one go.

Reception Area
Slay Unisex Salon Delhi

An aquarium, table full of magazines, and very comfortable sofa holding mix-match cushions. Waiting for our turn sitting here is never a frustrating task.

The Service Area
Slay Unisex Salon Hauz Khas
Amazingly clamped mirrors in beautiful combination with so comfortable service chairs. Strategically arranged chairs will allow more than two people to be seated and have their services comfortably.

Nail Art Collections
Slay Salon Delhi
This is something which really appeased me. Slay’s nail art collection is completely exotic and very tempting. You cannot just make your pick so quick as all of the nail arts here will please you to have them on your nails.

Spa Room
Slay Salon Delhi
Separate room for spa and other likely services is so elegant that one can never say no to spa here. Full body spa or hair spa, just lie down and enjoy the service.

Spa Bed & Equipment
Slay Salon Delhi
Very presentable. The spa bed that holds two beautiful swans made of towels. The staffs seem to have taken care of each and everything a customer may need here. some good collections of neat and clean towels and bedsheets, bathroom slippers, and everything. I personally liked their colour selection that is very unlikely to common red, blue or black. A combination of white and wine is something different and elegant.

Service Room
Slay Salon Hauz Khas Delhi
Here is where you can enjoy all the other services like facial, cleansing, wax and so on. Again, the comfort is the priority and thus, the room is separate from the spa room.

Makeup Room for Pre-Bridal & Bridal
Slay Unisex Salon Delhi
This makeup room at Slay will surely allure the brides-to-be to get the pre-bridal and bridal makeup done right here. Exquisite chair standing right there is specially for the brides so that they can feel special when they are getting ready for their special day.

Menicure & Pedicure
Slay Delhi
Not just you but you and your friend or company can have the menicure and pedicure sessions at the same time sitting next to each other. Beautifully arranged chairs and the equipment makes it all easy and comfortable for both customers as well as the staffs.

Hair Wash Area
Slay Salon Hauz Khas
Very smartly arranged the hair-wash area where two people at a time can get the service. Comfortable chair and so the comfortable service. Get L’oreal, Wella, SP or whatsoever brand for your hair.

Slay Products Delhi
Apart from label.m collaboration and other usual products that almost all salons use, Slay uses SP products for hair related services – Hairwash, Rebonding, Smoothening and others.

What’s More?
The offers! Keeping in mind the troubles related to cash peeped out as effect of demonetisation, Slay, currently, is offering three types of packages:

  1. Silver – costs Rs. 10K but but giving you the advantage of services worth Rs. 13K
  2. Gold – costs Rs. 25K but giving you the advantage of services worth Rs. 35K
  3. Platinum – costs Rs. 50K but giving you the advantage of services worth Rs. 75K

Staff & Service Quality
Very polite, very attentive, and very well trained. They will never let anything go wrong. My personal experience here was very delightful as the staff took care of each and every belonging even while shifting a room or leading to the washroom. Very gentle service with great patience and courtesy.

I have already had my turn in this salon, you shall try it too.

Review: Slay Unisex Salon