Tandoori Momos QD's

No doubt, QD’s has been famous for serving out-of-the-world Tandoori Momos and Chinese cuisines and a year-old outlet at Laxmi Nagar has nailed it again. Honestly. Never ever, like ever ever, had such Tandoori Momos in any restaurant as they were served at QD’s Laxmi Nagar. Not-so-long at Laxmi Nagar, QD’s menu, foods, service, ambience, and everything here is commendable. Spacious enough for the purpose of small get-together, and even more commendable is the Chinese dishes they serve.

QDs Laxmi Nagar

Pleasure To Eat:

Huge list of Chinese dishes for veg and non-veg momos either steamed or tandoori and other chinese items top the list here. When QD’s come to mind, it’s Chinese we think of but they have more and more options than just Chinese to satiate the hunger.

North Indian, Thai and Italian cuisines. Yes. Though QD’s is numero uno for Chinese cuisines, it serves other specialties to the perfection as well. From starters to tandoori and the main course – they serve all they can.

Tandoori Momos

QD's Tandoori Momos

Praising more about Tandoori Momos is less. Perfectly cooked, precisely round, delicious fillings and the attractive presentation – ‘Wow’. It’s just “wow”. And the real “wow” feeling came when I took the first bite into my mouth. Best ever Tandoori Momos, or rather the Momos I had till date in Delhi. 6 in number and big in size, just enough for two people for starting off. And the size, of course, was bigger than the normal steamed momos. One plate is sufficient to satiate the hunger.

Chinese Platter

Chicken Szechwan Platter QD's

Not too much in the plate, still satisfying the belly, the platter I ordered – Chicken Szechwan Platter – served hot in bowl Manchurian and very perfectly cooked Noodles. Seems they know the quantity to be served to satisfy one hungry soul. Not so spicy and not so spicy. Maintaining the hygiene to the fullest, QD’s served absolutely fresh foods in very clean environment. Although, the taste was little similar to the Chicken Hunan Platter, I once had at Kamla Nagar QD’s, it left me completely gratified once again.


Chicken Tikka Rolls QD's

Chicken Tikka Roll was my personal favourite and it was just laudable here. Wrapped in thin and soft Roomali Roti pampered with green chutney and other items, the roll was served with fresh salad and potato fries. Very juicy and very tasty. Not at all to be given a miss.

Splendid Drinks:

Blackberry Mojito 
Virgin Mojito has been my favourite drink ever but trying out Blackberry Mojito was also a good idea. Sweeter than normal Mojito, the drink was more than just refreshing. Perfect blend of Blackberry, sugar syrup, lemon, soda, peppermint and so on.

QD's Blackberry Mojito

Original Mojito
Highly refreshing, completely original, the drink contained no additional flavour. It was like to thrill the tummy after a spicy break.

What Else?

QD's Pastries Laxmi Nagar

Scrumptious treat with pastries and puddings indulged in flavours just tempting the taste buds. Blackforest, Cheese, Chocolate truffles and many more. Like I said, “they serve all they can.”

Cost Side
Not really expensive as one might think of seeing the ambience and quality of food. But yes, as compared to the street joints, it little heavy. But then, they worth it.

QDs Laxmi Nagar

Overall, a great place at Laxmi Nagar to spend time and enjoy with friends, family and partner.