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While enjoying your life in Delhi, do not forget to peep into these places for Mocktails in Delhi. It’s no secret that Delhiites love their Beer and Cocktails. But if you’re a teetotaller or simply not in the mood to drink, a Mocktail can be the perfect option. These are the exotic places in Delhi, where you can enjoy best Mocktails along with some great accompanies of food items. Let’s have a look at these places in Delhi to have exotic Mocktail experience.

1. TGIF-“Thank God It’s Friday”
Address: 14-316, 2nd Floor, DLF Place Mall, Saket, New Delhi
Contact No.: 011 4610 2741/2
Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight, Happy Hours: 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM (Mon-Sun)
Cost For Two: Rs. 2500 approx.; Rs. 300 for a pint of beer approx.

TGI Friday mocktail
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It stands for great food and beverages, served by friendly people in a fun atmosphere. They’ve got a plethora of Mocktails, Triple Berry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, November Seabreeze, Pineapple Sunshine and much more.

2. The Brewhouse
Address: 5G, 3rd floor, Dada Jungi House, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi
Contact No.: +91 99580 66445
Timings: 10:00 AM to 6 :00 PM (Saturday & Sunday Close)
Cost For Two: Rs. 2500 approx.; Rs. 69 for a Pint of Beer
The Brewhouse Delhi

Among the most beautiful place and highly recommended in Delhi to eat and drink. Cocktail as well as Mocktail collections here are equally fervent in taste. Giving a kick to the evening, you can enjoy listening music or watch favourite sport on the screen. You’ll love your drink to have accompany of Tandoori items here.

3. Pocket Bar
Address: Vasant Square Mall, Ground Floor, Pocket 5, Vasant Kunj, Delhi
Contact No.:011 46000555  +91 98112 02878  +91 95604 21155
Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Cost For Two: Rs. 2000 approx.

pocket bar delhi
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Stepping into Pocket Bar feels like stepping onto the sets of Dev D, thanks to the dark red hue of the place. With a ‘1+2 offer’, this place has one of the craziest ‘happy hours’ deals in town. And the icing on the cake or should I say the ice in the cocktail, is that the ‘happy hours’ extend to 12 long hours.

4. Amici café
Address: 48-A, First Floor, Amici café Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi
Contact No.: 011 4104 1468
Timings: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Cost For Two: Rs. 1200 approx.

amici cafe food and drinks
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Amici has the ratio of the sweet and sour worked out perfectly. The perfect way to end a tiring day of shopping. One of the famous Mocktails offered by Amici is Spremuta , a Lemon Soda garnished with Mint.

5. Potbelly Rooftop Cafe
Address: Plot 15, Bihar Niwas, Behind Yashwant Place, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Contact No.: 011 2611 2764    +91 99997 25052  
Timings: 12 Noon to 11:00 PM
Cost For Two: Rs. 1000 approx.

Potbelly Rooftop Cafe

On that super-tiring day when you want something just a little bit more than the regular Nimbu Paani, Potbelly doesn’t disappoint. Their Apple and Mint infused Lemonade is the perfect cure for that parched throat. We especially love the generous slices of Apple thrown in.

4. The Warehouse Cafe
Address: D -19/20, 1st Floor, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, Delhi
Contact No.: 011 3310 6299
Timings:  12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Happy Hours: 12 Noon to 8:00 PM
Cost For Two: Rs. 1500 approx.; Rs. 90 for a Pint of Beer approx.

warehouse cafe drinks
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The Warehouse Cafe, is located at one of the most happening place in Connaught Place, New Delhi. Fancy Wasabialso known as the Japanese Horseradish, the peeps at Warehouse Cafe have taken this and blended it with Lemonade and Kiwi. The result is a refreshing beverage, with just that tinge of spice to it.

5. Dramz Whisky Bar & Lounge
Address: 1580/1, KD Marg, Near Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, Delhi
Contact No.: +91 9650755555, +91 9650066666
Timings: 4:00 PM to 12:30 AM
Cost For Two:  Rs. 3000 approx.; Rs. 295 for a Pint of Beer approx.

dramz whiskey bar & lounge drink
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Dramz Whiskey Bar is an amazing blend of unique heritage, sheer luxury and style. At Dramz Fresh, Orange Chunks and Dates put a whole new spin on the classic Mojito. If you’re looking for a heavier drink, go for the Chocolate Mint Sensational, a concoction comprising Dark Chocolate, Mint and Apple.

6. SodaBottleOpenerWala
Address: 73, Khan Market, Delhi
Contact No.: +91 9810877701
Timings: 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM
Cost For Two: Rs. 1300 approx.; Rs. 175 for a Pint of Beer approx.

sodabottleopenerwala drinks
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SodaBottleOpenerWala, gives a unique concept to Delhi, the dying legacy of the wonderful chaotic, crowded, colourful, quirky, eccentric and a real world of an Irani Cafe.The SekanjiBin, a delicious drink made up of Dry Plum and Mint is a must try at SoddaBottleOpenerWala.

7. Kinbuck2
Address: P-10/90, 1st & 2nd Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, Delhi
Contact No.: 011 3310 5674
Timings: 12 Noon to 12:30 AM
Happy Hours: 12 Noon to 10:00 PM (Mon to Fri)
Cost For Two: Rs. 1600 approx.; Rs. 120 for a Pint of Beer approx.

kinbuck2 mocktails
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Delhi’s 1st Roman Bistro, Kinbuck2 is brimming with youthful and fun vibes. They offer an extensive menu for Mocktails – their Pulpy Chunks concoction’s got Orange and Watermelon chunks mixed in with Sprite and is one of their most unique Mocktails! They’ve also got Sunshine Splash, Smokey Sun and lots more for you to enjoy.

10. Smoke House Deli
Address: 12, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi
Contact No. : 011 26567001
Timings: 11 AM to 1:00 AM
Cost For Two: Rs. 1600 approx.; Rs. 150 for a pint of beer approx.

smoke house deli mocktail
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Smoke House Deli is an all-day Cafe and delicatessen.The coolers at this restaurant are a must have for anyone who loves to experiment. We recommend their Three Two Tango Cooler that is prepared by mixing Orange and Cranberry Juice with juicy chunks of fresh Peaches and Tangerines – absolutely refreshing! Other choices are the Apple Soaked Mojito and the Kiwi-Cantaloupe Melon Lemonade for their novelty factor.

Get going guys! Drink All You Can!