Words Of Wonder At GIp Mall Noida
Ever imagined life without fun and amusement? Ever gave it a thought for how long and for how many days one can follow the same routine? Coffee with friends, movies with partners and dining with family – aren’t these old ways of having fun? But of course. While we live in the 21st century, we believe there are far more than these ideas to get our lives enjoyed to fullest and WOW at TGIP is, certainly, one of the best places in Delhi-NCR to have fun. Let’s have a visit to Worlds of Wonders located at The Great Place of India, Sector 38A, Noida.

Beautiful evening, fun in mind, and friends all along – the moment is perfect to take a round of Worlds of Wonder. And if the entry fee is so genuine as ₹450/- per person (Children) and ₹ 600/- per person (Adult) for unlimited rides, the chance is just not to be given a miss.

WOW – the first word that you will, actually, say as you enter the park, and thus, the name. Swings, rides, tuck-shops, waterpark, kids’ playing zone, go karting, DJ floor, shows and events, and lawn and banqueting. WOW has just everything that could amuse you from inside out. Let’s explore it little deeply –

The Rides!
Fees: ₹ 450 Per Child | ₹ 600 Per Adult | ₹ 250 Per Head for Sr. Citizen

WOW is set with two different sections boasting different types of rides for different age groups – Road Show for adults and adventure freaks and La-Fiesta for children.
Road Show – 9 rides on the panel and best are the following rides in the section –

Big Beat WOW
Big Beat: Get a rotating joy with Big Beat that captures you in its multiple motions and mega disco moves. You are most likely to swing like a pendulum, going to and fro and rotating here and there.

Fast Forward at WOW
Fast Forward: Surprising and unexpected forward and backward motion will jolt your mind completely. Be ready and at alert once you are in.

Feedback: Upgraded version of Big Beat, the ride grabs and twirls you in its pendulum effect along with flipping you all the way to 360 degrees.

Hip Hopper
Hip Hopper: As explains the name, there is something to hip and hop and jump and fall. It’s a mini bungee jumping adventure fit for people weighing in the range of 30kg – 50kg, accommodating 4 at a time.

Wobble Rides: It will sway you to their craze, blow off your senses and stun you with unexpected jolts and moves. And the ride is not yet complete till the time it doesn’t flip you upside-down 5 times in quick 5 seconds and drop you from the height of 25 metres and bring your heart out in your hand.

La Fiesta Section – 11 rides on the panel with small to moderate levels of rides.
Best for kids and family who are there merely to spend some fun and peaceful time together.

The Water Park!
The Water Park!
Fees:  Weekdays – ₹ 849 (per child), ₹ 999 (per adult)
Weekends – ₹ 900 (per child), ₹ 1200 (per adult)
Sr. Citizen – ₹ 450 (all days)

Feel wow with splashes of water at Worlds of Wonder. Pools, rides, water games, rapid racer, lazy river, raft ride and much more to do with water at WOW water-park. Separate sections for kids and adults and all equipment available for safety water rides. The water park here is to double the fun of the evening.

Go Karting!
Fee: ₹ 400 Per Person (for 3 minutes)
Go Karting

It’s yet another fun element at WOW. Drive crazy while you go for the karting. Hit them up, save yourself – accidents are allowed. Turn to the right then take the left turn, rotate entirely and keep rotating till other bumps into your ‘kart’. Drive straight, pull the reverse gear – there is no red light and no traffic rule. The area is all yours!

Amazing concept of dining will win your heart here. Dining in the amusement park, water park or just to take quick bites around.

Dining at Water Park –  Enjoy chilling delights while you relish in water. Rose, Pan, various flavours of ice-creams will set your wet mood. While sandwiches and shakes will do away the hunger and give you the reason to take another dip in the water. And the best of the best – pool bar that enthralls and overtakes entire amusing experience with its superb collections of drinks and cocktails. Seating arrangement inside the pool for dining delightfully is just ‘WOW’.

Dining at Amusement Park – Along with all-time and everybody’s favourite Mc Donalds, considerably largest in North India, is all set to thrash the hunger. Besides are the Café WOW for delectable coffees and cupcakes, Punjabi Dhaba for some Punjabi tastes and other snacks shops for pop-corns and others.

Quick Bite – Well, it cannot really be a quick bite if delectable eateries like Potato Kiosk and Pizzerias are available in WOW circle. Ice-creams, nachos, Maggie, popcorn  – all are at your disposal at WOW amusement park.

Shows & Events!

Of course, the fun remains partial without the shows and the events. Unlimited fun, music, dance, celebrity DJs and a lot more to keep you amused over the weekends at WOW. Catch up with the rocking events at the Worlds of Wonder. Stay updated with the upcoming events. Event Website

Lawn & Banqueting

The after-effects of WOW does not seem to stop right there. The grand arena of the amusement park is also open for weddings, engagements and other grand celebrations. It offers lawns with different areas following the number of guests to be invited –

Viva Lawn for 100-150 guests
Gala Lawn for 200 – 300 guests
Euphoria Lawn for 600 – 700 guests
Dazzle Lawn for 1200 – 1500 guests
Sparkle Lawn for 1200 – 1500 guests
Jublee Lawn for 3500 – 4500 guests
Sensation Lawn for 4000 – 5000 guests

Timings: 11AM – 7PM (Monday – Friday) | 11AM – 7:30PM (Saturday, Sunday)

So, when is the plan to get amused and feel the WOW-effects at WOW, Noida?

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