Saravana Bhavan

It’s always a good idea to take a break from all the regional cuisines and try out authentic taste of South Indian foods at Sarvana Bhawan, New Delhi. No matter how much you are in love with Continental, Chinese, Thai and American delights, the Dosai, Idli and Uthappam concept will bring you out of the former worlds and give a mesmerizing taste to the taste buds.

What’s the History Behind Sarvana Bhawan?

The name arose in Chennai (then Madras) in the 20th century when there were no restaurants out there. P. Rajagopal, in 1981, launched Sarvana Bhawan, not merely in one locality but launched the entire chain in the neighbourhood localities and decided to spread the brand in the country as well as overseas – Dubai being the first place to launch the oversea branch and then it began to run in other countries by franchises.

What’s There At Sarvana Bhawan? – The foods, of course, that meet no other South Indian delicacies in Delhi. A fine dining arena fully neat and clean and maintaining hygiene to the extreme. Diligent staffs attending around the queries, complains and suggestions. You have all reasons to dine in at the restaurant with pleasure and comfort.

The Foods:

Serving authentic South Indian dishes, the restaurant brags about its delicious preparations and tastes for Idlys, Dosai, Sambhar-Vada, Uthappam and Rice with several variations.

Starters – Rassam bowl, Medhu Vadai, Sambhar Vadai, Vadai and Onion Vadai – the South Indian starters at the restaurant are just not to be given a miss. Must-try Onion Vadai and Rassam Bowl for a ‘wow’ start.

Idly– serving idly with sambhar is common but the restaurant has options for 14 mini idlys dipped in sambhar or paired with dahi. And of course, the rava idly that boasts the taste and fluffiness that no other idly from any place can deliver.

Dosai – presenting with varieties, Dosai here are of over 15 types including masala, onion, butter masala, ghee roast, ghee paper; rava plain, masala, onion, coconut rava; dry fruits, dry-fruits masala dosai, and several other types. You can’t just stop at one flavour.

Utthappams – With onion, tomato and coconut toppings, and chutney served along, the mouthwatering delight at Sarvana Bhawan is surely the must-try one if you are there for morning breakfast or evening snacks.

Signature Dishes – Sarvana Bhawan restaurant boasts its specialty in Panner Dosai, Vegetable Dosai, Kara Dosa, and Panchawarna Utthappam are their signature dishes and must be tried at least once when you visit the place.

Rice – North Indians, surely have different tastes for rice but, fortunately, the South Indian restaurant in Delhi serves over 5 types of rice indulged with Lemon, Tomato, Coconut, Cauliflower, Coriander as well as Tamarind. With option to be served with Sambhar or curd, the rice at Sarvana Bhawan is must-try if you are tired of eating typically cooked steamed-rice.

Beverages – Leaves out almost nothing to provide chilling-effect in hot summer. Ranging from Butter-milk to fresh lime-soda, cold-coffee served with or without ice-cream and the soft drinks. But if one really wants to experience the chilling ecstasy, butter-milk at Sarvana Bhawan is the sure-shot.

And a lot more in the list to experience true South Indian food fantasy at Delhi Sarvana Bhawan.

The Ambience:

Fine ambience with neat and clean dining arena. Not-so-overrated décor but absolutely fit interior for friends and family gatherings. Cover two-floors, the restaurant hypes partitioned arena on the second floor for meetups and private parties and celebrations.

The Service:

They make the guests feel quite sophisticated while dining at Sarvana Bhawan. Serving with pleasure, the waiters and staffs give no reason to get disappointed. Right from taking the order to reviewing the same, and serving hot foods in the plate to billing – everything here works like a dream.

Where’s it located? – P-13, Connaught Circus, Connaught Place, New Delhi. The outlet is the most famous one in the city as is the first outlet of Sarvana Bhawan in New Delhi. However, the restaurant’s franchise is shared with two more locations in Delhi – Janpath and Select Citywalk Mall, Saket.

What to try must? South Indian Thali and Rava Masala Dosai with a glass full of butter-milk. Truly, the feel of dining with heavenly sensation.  Saravana Bhawan’s South Indian Thali serving Pooris, 8-9 types of vegetables, curd, chutney, a bowl of steamed rice and rava pudding (halwa), is believed to be the best thali in Delhi from South Indian origin. What’s even more satiating is that they rotate the menu for vegetables for the entire week. That’s right. You will be served with different bowls of vegetables the next day.

Cost? – Unbelievably, friendly to pocket. You can experience the savoring foods, and services along with whole lot convenience at cost just absolutely endurable by all.


If ever feel like checking out the South Indian delights, head to Sarvana Bhawan at Connaught Place.