Sky HighUp above the world is located Sky High in Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon Marg for a perfect rooftop experience. The sort of forgotten mall in Delhi is on the verge of a complete revamp, and Sky High has given it the boost brilliantly. A warm sunny afternoon, or cold winter breeze in the evening makes this place one of the best options to visit for a Delicious Grub and Beverage Menu. Spread across a vast area, this is a terrace Cafe offering a splendid 360 degree view from the topmost floor of the mall. With a multicuisine menu, the terrace also has a live Barbeque counter and a Sheesha counter. This is one of the first places to serve a Jellyfish Sheesha. Post the renovation of the mall, it is set to be the one of the hottest destinations in Delhi once again.

The menu offers options from all cuisines, and though no alcohol is served on a regular basis, the Beverages and Sheesha make up for it.

Sky High Special
Sky High Special
Sky High Special is a lovely thirst-quenching Mocktail mixed with Litchi Juice, Grenadine Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream. This is a surely, a lovely start to the meal. The blue colour gives a cool feeling even before taking a sip of the drink.

Kitkat Shake
Kitkat ShakeThe Kitkat Shake is thick and frothy with real Kitkat chocolate bits and chocolate shavings used as the garnish. This would definitely leave you feeling heavy if you manage to finish the entire shake.

Angaari Murgh Key Tikkey
Angaari Murgh Key TikkeyCombined with the right spices and flavours, the Chicken Tikka is hot and flavourful and paired with mint sauce, the dish is a true delight. For North Indian cuisine lovers, chicken tandoori tikka should be as spicy as the dish is.

Kastoori Methi Murgh Malai Tikka
kastoori methi murgh malai tikkaTender succulent chicken pieces tossed with cream and spices, Chicken Malai Tikka is a delightful non vegetarian starter, for people who like non-spicy food. Dipped in mint sauce, this dish also tastes great.

Tulsiyani Paneer Key Tikke
tulsiyani paneer key tikkeThe Paneer Tikka is also a spicy preparation, similar to chicken tikka, flavourful and on the spicy side. Plated with grilled capsicum, onion and tomato on the side, the dish is a great accompaniment.

Mutton Seekh Kabab
Mutton Seekh KababMutton Seekh Kabab is another delectable North Indian preparation to try here and especially for spice lover and the kababs are high on spices and the kababs are tender and soft.

Main Course
Grilled River Sole in Lemon Caper Butter Sauce
The grilled slice of river sole tossed with capers, butter sauce and lemon juice is a lovely preparation and the chef has hands skilled at creating this dish. If you like river sole, you will really enjoy this dish.

Baked Lamb Lasagna
Baked Lamb Lasagna
The Baked Lamb Lasagna consists of minced lamb meat filled in pasta sheets with bolognaise sauce and layers of cheese, tomato sauce and veggies. It is a delectable pasta preparation and this place does one of the best lasagnas in Delhi.

Grilled Prawns in Butter Sauce
A white butter sauce tossed with grilled prawns and lemon juice is a delicious main course preparation served at Sky High and seafood lovers would have a great experience trying this dish. The potato mash and grilled greens on the side add a perfect flavour to the dish.

Chocolate Fondue
A perfect way to end a meal is with the chocolate fondue platter. In the centre of the platter, there is a hot chocolate bowl and on the sides, there are various options such as fruits, marshmallows and fruit cake pieces to be dipped in the chocolate pool with skewers and eaten. Fruits include a combination of oranges, apples, pineapple and kiwi. This dessert is such a hit here that people visit the café at night post dinner especially to gorge on the delectable dessert.

So, now visiting Ansal Plaza cannot be boring with the opening of Sky High.