Lord of Drinks Meadows

Yet another branch of Lord of the Drinks is located in Hauz Khas Village named as Lord of the Drinks Meadow. A capacious place amidst the Deer Park is where it can be spotted. This location was first shelter to Park Balluchi followed by The Project, however, keeping a lot of furniture and interiors similar, a few amendments have been made to the newest chain. A sunny winter afternoon or a chilly winter evening with your favourite alcohol and hookah make this an ideal haunt for one to visit. Among all the chains of Lord of the Drinks, this one is the most widespread owing to the vast open garden space.

Easily accommodating close to thousand odd guests, the restaurant is spread across various sections. The entrance is hosts an open seating area where you can enjoy hookah along with the lip-smacking food and drinks. On the side, there loungers and sofas for people to relax at leisure. As you go around, there are private dining areas for Open Air Seating as well as Enclosed Indoor Seating which can be booked for private parties. The main dining indoor area hosts a well-stocked bar with Beer barrels for Open-Tap Beer. Moving on to the food and beverages, there are multiple options to try here.

Red Apple and Litchi Rose Wine Sangria – This is a rejuvenating concoction of Red Apples, Litchi, Rose Wine and other fruits to begin your meal with and as they say a glass of wine a day makes heart healthy and strong, if the flavour is equally refreshing, the experience is even better.
Red Apple and Litchi Rose Wine Sangria

Jhatka Mary – A unique combination of Guava, Tobasco, Blue Curacao and Mint Leaves is equally thirst quenching to try along with some delicious grubs.

Watermelon Lemonade – For watermelon freaks, this mocktails would be a great choice to try since the Watermelon Chunks along with the juice make it a perfect tropical delight.

watermelon-lemonade Lord of the Drinks Meadow

Crispy Prawn Stix- As crispy as the name sounds, were the prawns. This preparation is absolutely addictive, as one can just not stop at a single stick. They crackle in the mouth on chewing and are coated with crunchy sesame. The soy Ginger dip served with this is a great accompaniment.

Crispy Prawn Stix
Crispy Prawn Stix

Braised Chicken Tacos – Grilled Chicken seasoned with Herbs, Strawberry Chilli and Pomegranate relish filled in the Crispy Tacos is a delicious preparation served with a luscious mayonnaise dip.

Braised Chicken Tacos
Braised Chicken Tacos

Chicken Cheese Kidney Bean Fries – The fries here are a fine combination to have with the cocktails and if you order the ones with toppings, you will enjoy more. Soggy and Gooey Cheese, Kidney Beans and Smoked Chicken Shreds used as toppings for these fries. However, for those who enjoy more salt might need to sprinkle extra on demand.

Chicken Cheese Kidney Bean Fries
Chicken Cheese Kidney Bean Fries

Butter Chicken & Bhuna Gosht Slider– The Bhuna Gosht Slider was a lovely preparation of Mini Buns stuffed with Spicy Bhuna Mutton and Onion Slices and is one of the best-sellers here as well. Orange colour is added to the bun for an extra technique of presentation.
For Chicken lovers, the Butter Chicken slider is a star dish with shredded Butter Chicken and Onion Rings used as the filling in between mini buns. They usually come in a platter of three sliders. Orange colour is added to the bun for an extra technique of presentation. They also have options in Black, Red and White buns.

Bhuna Gosht Slider
Butter Chicken & Bhuna Gosht Slider

Main Course
The China Bento Box – A complete meal in a box with Chicken Shashlik, Chicken Dim Sums, Chicken Fried Rice and Chicken Hakka Noodles is all you need to fill you up, in case you don’t want to order starters separately.

The China Bento Box Lord of Drinks
The China Bento Box

Boozy Daal Makhni with Butter Naan – As boozy as it sounds is the preparation, the daal is prepared on slow fire and then 10 ml Jack Daniel’s is heated in a shot glass with fire and the hot drink is poured onto the Daal followed by the Daal being stirred for the flavour of the scotch in the entire dish.

Boozy Dal Makhani Lord of Drinks
Boozy Dal Makhni

One can actually taste the alcohol in the dish and if you are able to finish the Daal, you will surely end up happily tipsy. The Butter Naan accompanies the Daal beautifully and as an option you can order Lachcha Paratha as well.

Boozy Daal Makhni with Butter Naan
Boozy Daal Makhni with Butter Naan

Caramel and Chocolate Love Affair – This duo dessert of Caramel and Chocolate is a sinful decadence for one to indulge in post a hearty meal. The dessert as delicious as the name as one would definitely fall in love with it and even after being full, will want to finish it.

Caramel and Chocolate Love Affair
Caramel and Chocolate Love Affair

Banoffee Cigar Rolls with Honey Sesame – The Banana and Toffee Cigar Rolls are served in test tube glass with each tube containing a sweet dip such as Dark Chocolate, Toffee Sauce, White Chocolate and Honey. For Banana lovers, especially in desserts, this is a good choice.

Banoffee Cigar Rolls with Honey Sesame
Banoffee Cigar Rolls with Honey Sesame

Hookah is also served in a variety of flavours and the Paan – Kiwi flavour is the highlight of the hookah menu.

Paan– Kiwi Flavour Hookah

So, what are you waiting for? Just book a table here and especially in winters you need to sit outside to enjoy the breeze or the afternoon sun.