Club Caesar Capsule Hauz KhasCapsule by Hinglish can be a delightful destination at Hauz Khas Village for spending the evening and the night amidst exotic food and drinks. Giving a try to a newly opened restro-bar in Hauz Khas Village seemed to be a delightful idea after a day-long of boredom on Sunday. It was surely the best pick for the day. Right from the entrance where their staff welcomed and guided through the four floors of Capsule to the terrace, where there were beautiful arrangements for hookah, bar, rooftop dining and so on. Cosy was the ambience but so was it pleasing. Meant for couples and friends – as it appeared to me – the restro-bar boasted different seating arrangements and interiors on each floor.

Capsule Hauz Khas VillageWhere 1st floor had around 6 compartments for seating and enjoying drinks, hookah and food, 2nd floor is quite lively with a decent décor and seating arena. 3rd floor brags about the actual bar where you can be seated and order your drink and the 4th one has its rooftop seating arrangement along with under-the-roof seating area where friends can have fun.

Their Specialty in Food & Drinks
Everything they offer is their specialty. Indeed. That’s what they believe. Not certainly limited to the North Indian cuisine, the dishes seemed to have a fusion of more than just one country-side. The menu at Capsule restaurant was a mix of Thai, Chinese and North Indian cuisines. So, I tried some of their highly recommended dishes.

Drink: Mocktail
My mood swings and so does my taste. Hence, I preferred trying something non-alcoholic and opted out a mocktail instead of a cocktail.

Pink Shade
Cpasule Hauz Khas VillageJust perfect for all the ladies in town! A combination of strawberry crush, lime juice, sugar syrup, orange bits and lime chunks, as refreshing as it could get! Just a sip was enough to take the food down the throat easily.

Certainly not limited to this one but the restro-bar at Hauz Khas Village offers a lot more than this. Some exquisite collection of cocktails, or some more mocktails. Alcoholic drinks for me is a complete “NO” and thus, Pink Shade was my choice for the day.

Starters: The Nibbles
My all-time  favourite. I can’t event think of starting with the main course until I crunch upon some lip-smacking nibbles.

Chutney Filled Capsule Hauz Khas VillagePretty much like cheese rolls with little twist to the taste. More than just cheesy, the stuffing was zesty. Paired with mayonnaise, it was a good starter for the day.

Mirch Wala Paneer Tikka
Capsule Hauz KhasThis was a little confusing in terms of the name provided. The paneer which I misjudged to be filled with red chilli powder or some likewise ingredient was a dish basically stuffed with green chillies. The dish was just not overly spiced as the chilli is known for. It was, in fact, sufficiently spiced and appropriately cooked. The smokey flavour could be felt in every bite. With mayonnaise as the accompaniment the dish had perfect contrast in flavour.

Salad: The Cheezy Delight
Club Caesar
Club CaesarVery pleasing and light to the stomach. It was full of lettuce leaves and chicken Caesar loaded with cheese, mayonnaise, and cream. The cherry tomatoes were like the icing on the cake in the salad. It was creamy and light at the same time.

Main Course: All Non-Veg
The restaurant, surely, has some great veggie options but being a non-veg lover I preferred trying out some non-vegetarian dishes at Capsule.

Chicken Steak with roasted sauce and fries
Capsule by Hinglish Hauz Khas VillageIt was perfectly cooked chicken steak topped with roasted gravy. Being a spice lover, the dish tastes a bit sweet to me but the juicy bites of chicken covered it up. The dish came served with mashed potato some times and at time French Fries accompany it.

Fish with Pineapple Gravy
capsule hauz khas villageGrilled Fish with gravy prepared with pineapple extracts. The fish was perfectly cooked and well-presented along with some green salads. A combination of fish with a fruity gravy was quite amazing and so was the taste.

Dessert: The Freezing Twist
Bread & Butter Pudding with Saffron Glaze
Capsule by Hinglish Hauz Khas A sweet dish that is loved by many people in India. It was a pudding of bread glazed with butter and saffron that left a nice effect on the palette. It was sweet as desired and rich at the same time.

What’s  More?
The Hookahs!
Capsule by Hinglish Hauz Khas VillageIt is a good idea to enjoy Hookahs at Capsule with friends at the rooftop or at the second floor in a personal space. They boast some good collections for Hookahs and have fine arrangements for the same.

The Bar!
Capsule by Hinglish Hauz Khas VillageHow can a restro-bar be without bar. For some booze-lovers there is a trendy bar set up at the third floor. Though in small arena, they have managed to arrange everything for their customers. And to add more thrill, they have the live-screening too.

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