Desi VibesA triple storeyed chain of Desi Vibes in Defence Colony and also the biggest has opened its doors, in one of the most posh colonies in Delhi. After Noida and Connaught Place, this outlet plays host to almost 200-300 Foodies at a go. The interiors on each floor are unique and distinctive inspired from Punjab and Rajasthan with the menu focusing on typical North Indian delicacies in Delhi. This Defence Colony Punjabi restaurant is possibly out to give a tough competition to Moet’s Curry Leaf as well as Moti Mahal Delux.
Desi Vibes

Ambience | 4.0/5

Sprawling across three floors, the ground floor interiors have been designed and structured like the Sheesh Mahal in Jaipur, if you have been to this place in Jaipur, it would be easier to join the dots. With white walls on all sides with mirror wallpapers and pink chairs and tables, this section could be an ideal option for those seeking bright lights while dining.
Desi VibesAs you move upwards, the first floor welcomes you to a typical Punjabi village at Desi Vibes such as Amritsar or Jalandhar, owing to the interiors, decor and seating arrangement. The brown walls with mud dusted and painted along with handcrafted designs in other bright colours is just the thing you need to feel like you are in Punjab. The billing counter is made like an auto-rickshaw, which is another attraction here and a good spot for selfies along with a tiny tube-well.
Desi VibesThe topmost or third floor accommodates a ‘Theka’ or Bar for those who wish to enjoy a Patiala peg with their food. Though, the bar is not fully functional yet, due to no liquor license, their non-alcoholic beverages are prepared at the bar.

Service | 3.0/5

Desi VibesThe staff is helpful when it comes to recommending the choices to order from the menu, in case you are confused about what to order. The welcome drink shikanji is served as soon as you enter and are seated and your meal ends with finger bowls, for which you might need to remind the servers to bring the water piping hot, which is the real essence of the bowls. The service of the food can tend to be a bit delayed as the food is prepared fresh for you by the chef.

Food | 4.5

The food at Desi Vibes Defence Colony definitely deserves 4 points out of 5 owing to the flavours, spices, blends and freshness.
Desi Vibes

Beverages | 2.5/5

The beverages might not be the best to try here especially when it comes to mocktails, if you really want to drink something, order the lassi or tomato shorba, as recommended by the servers.

Frost Byte

Frost ByteThis mocktails is originally a blend of pineapple juices, ginger and ginger ale, although, the flavour of ginger was missing from this drink. You might need to ask the servers to add more ginger ale in the drink to get the real flavours.

Daal Shorba

Daal ShorbaThe daal shorba tastes exactly like the moong dal one makes at home which is eaten with chapatis. More spices and flavours are needed to make it really taste like a soup.

Starters | 4/5

The starters can be a confusing option to choose from as the menu is vast and massive. The best options to try a variety of them would be the vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters. These can even suffice for your entire meal, in case you plan to ditch the main course, which actually you should not.

Vegetarian Platter

Vegetarian PlatterThe Vegetarian Platter at Desi Vibes consists of Paneer Haryali Tikka, Paneer Achaari Tikka, Bhutteyan De Kebab, Dahi Ke Kebab, Tandoori Aloo, and Paneer Galouti each of which taste delectable and unique.
The Haryali Paneer Tikka comes topped with green mint chutney for the green effect and flavour and the Paneer Achaari Tikka is topped with pickle powder and has a nice tangy flavour.

The Bhutte Kabab are big in size and something uncommonly found on menus of other restaurants. For corn lovers, this is a great starter. Dahi Ke Kebab are however, a bit on the sweeter side with hung curd and green chillies filled in the kebabs.
Vegetarian PlatterThe Paneer Galouti is another vegetarian kebab preparation and as they say, if you want to replace something vegetarian with chicken or meat, it is paneer. The kebab is mouth-melting and soft. Tandoori Aloo is filled with paneer and other spices to give a little hot flavour, perfectly roasted before being served.

Non-Vegetarian Platter

Non-Vegetarian PlatterThe items that are served in the Non-Vegetarian Platter at Desi Vibes include Murgh Malai Jaffrani, Amritsari Murgh Tikka, Tandoori Murgh, Burra Kebab and Mutton Galafi. For the carnivores, this platter is a pure delight without having to order separate starters. There are also mutton and fish platters besides this one.
The creamy and cheesy Murgh Malai Tikka is a pleasing dish to begin with, and for those who do not enjoy spices, this is the best option. Tender and soft boneless chicken breasts tossed in cream, cheese and garnished with coriander are pleasing for the palate. The Amritsari Murgh Tikka, on the other hand is a spicy preparation of chicken tikka, and if you like spices in your food, this starter would be a great choice for you.
The Tandoori Murgh is the simple tandoori chicken legs, again hot in flavour and a great accompaniment with the mint sauce and onion lachcha.
Non-Vegetarian PlatterMeat lovers can indulge in the Burra Kebab and Mutton Galafi. The Burra Kebab is a mutton preparation with the bones, with succulent mutton falling off the bones. Mutton Galafi is also on the spicier side, a preparation of mutton seekh kebab nicely tossed with chillies and spices.

Main Course | 4/5

Main Course is always a hard part to choose from the menu, especially after gorging on such a huge variety of starters. All you might require post those starters, would small soup bowl servings of the preparations. Although, they avoid presenting the dishes in small bowls.

Hari Mirch ka Bhuna Gosht

Hari Mirch ka Bhuna GoshtThis is delicious mutton preparation with a tomato and onion based gravy topped with green chillies. The mutton is tender and satiating as well.

Fauji Chowk ka Lasooni Tikka Masala

Fauji Chowk ka Lasooni Tikka MasalaThis chicken preparation is truly worth trying as it is mouth-watering and the spices are as flavourful as the name of the dish. You can enjoy this dish with the garlic naan.

Dal Punjabi – Tadka Dal

Dal Punjabi – Tadka DalThis is the regular yellow tadka dal, but here, even this regular dish tastes delicious and that too after so many starters and such rich and flavourful food. The combination of tandoori roti with this dal strikes every chord in you.

Amritsari Paneer Tikka LasooniAmritsari Paneer Tikka LasooniIf you are bored of the regular paneer lababdar, paneer makhni or shahi paneer, this could be a new entry to your favourites in paneer. A decadent preparation of garlic flavoured paneer tikka and spices in a thick curry.

Desserts | 3/5

Ras Malai

Ras MalaiThis dessert is the lightest option from the menu, if at all you have appetite for it post that rich meal. The Ras Malai is soft and melts in the mouth immediately.

Desi Vibes in Defence Colony should definitely be added to bucket-list of the restaurants you need to visit. The food and ambience would surely have you coming back for more again.
Address: Shop 7, Defence Colony Main Market, Defence Colony
Timings: 12 Noon to 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM
Meal for Two: 1500
Desi Vibes