Tandoori Momos QDS

You won’t regret dining at QD, the bi-cuisine restaurant, serving some great Chinese and North Indian foods, is famous in the city for its impeccable Tandoori Momos. Traditionally, a Tibetan dish, momos reached Delhi via Northeast communities, way back in the 1960s but began to be included in menu by restaurants by 21st century. These hot-on-the-spot steamed momos with piping hot red sauce, gradually began to transform with new looks and tastes. From steamed to fried and then gravy momos to Tandoori momos – now served at QDs, Delhi.

What’s different with QD’s momos? The Tandoor concept. Big in size, orange in colour, garnished with green coriander leaves and sprinkled with some ‘chat masala’ powder. And of course, serving the both veg and non-veg pleasures. Tandoori momos here are highly delectable and quite famous in the city.

Apart from just the Tandoori platter, the restaurant delivers more than just momos-reason to dine here. Let’s check these five reasons for why one should choose QDs for dining in –
QD'S GTB Nagar
1. The Ambiance – Awesome concept of posters on the wall with lights in the background is all set to make your jaw drop as you enter the restaurant. While the other side of the hall boasts amazing interior carving wood logs on the walls fabricated with dart-design on it and augmenting the look are the wall-mount lamps. Though cozy, the interior is so creatively designed that it gives entirely an attractive look to the ambiance and you can’t deny dining here.

2. Foods – Of course, nothing can make it a perfect lunch or dinner till the foods in a plate are not well-presented and delectable. QDs makes sure the guests are served hot-in-the-plate dishes long with quirky beverages while maintaining the authenticity of Chinese and North Indian cuisines. And of course, the hygiene. No compromise with hygiene; QDs believes in the fresh cook-and-serve standard.

3. The Services – Lovely! The intent is to serve guests with absolute convenience. Beginning with serving water to presenting the menu, taking orders, serving the dishes, instant cleaning of the table and the billings. Each service here are smooth with just no quibbling is requisite.

4. The Staffs – Courteous staffs welcome guests with pleasure and smiles on their faces. They do care about their customers and are attentive towards their queries, complaints, and suggestions. Taking the round of the restaurant, the manager gives a glance at each table to get assured that people relish with food comfortably. Certainly, the waiters and the attenders. The dining cannot be just perfect if they are not so courteous and well-behaved.

5. Cost – Dining in a cool arena under beautifully architected roof with aesthetic service and great authentic foods and eccentric beverages – all at the cost which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

While roaming around in Delhi for delicious Chinese and North Indian foods, a peep into QDs is worthy. Besides the Tandoori Momos, Classic Chicken Platter and Vegetable Hunan Platter are also must-try dishes at QDs. Warded your profile to our partner. We will update you once we get a revert from them.