Chef dinesh patel
Welcoming Amul Masterchef Finalist – Chef Dinesh Patel and the Nawabi Masterclass, Ardor2.1 at Connaught Place organized a delightful evening serving Nawabi cuisines from Lucknow and Hyderabad.

Khubani Ka Meetha

Khubani ka Meetha
Khubani ka Meetha by Chef Dinesh Patel

Amongst the Nawabi dishes,Khubani ka Meetha or Qubani ka Meetha is Chef Dinesh’s favourite which he passionately prepared right there at the event. Khubani ka Meetha is an authentic dessert of Hyderabad made of dried apricots. Certainly, the Nawabi traditional dish could not be given a miss at Nawab Masterclass at Ardor2.1.

Originally a restro-bar, the Ardor, however, bestowed the essence of dining in a palace-like place. Of course, it was a Nawabi Masterclass so, everything was Nawabi there.

The Nawabi Welcome Drink
Nawabi drinkWarm welcome with flower bracelet being tied in one hand. The feel of entering a Nawab’s place could be experienced right from the beginning as they served Nawabs’ favourite drink.

The Nawabi Preparation
nawabi cuisineIngredients that are the soul of Nawabi Dishes.


pan gul
Pan Gul

Purely for non-alcoholics, Pan Gul was a delightful drink to start your evening with. Perfect blend of milk with other ingredients, garnished with Betel (Pan) leaf and topped with ice-cream, Pan Gul made it to the decent drink menu.

Nawabi Cuisines
Ardor2.1 made no mistake in serving long list of delectable Nawabi cuisines for they included almost every possible food item that would leave one’s taste bud enthralled.


Mutton Galouti, Subz Khoya Kurkuri Tikki, Paneer Tikka, Fish Tikka

Perfectly cooked Gilafi Mutton kebabs with ingredients as appropriate to make the dish lip-smacking while Paneer Tikka tasting like usual Paneer Tikkas at any other restaurant.

Right from Tandoor

Chatpate Phanlo ki Chaat, Brocolli Nawabi Phool(extreme right)

Unlike other fruit stalls selling fruit chaats, the Chatpata Phanlo Ki Chaat at the event delivered thundering effect to the taste bud as they were served direct from the tandoor. Partially baked in tandoor and showered with enthralling spices the fruits were amazing to have it once, twice or thrice. And adding the twist to the Chaat, brocolli, brought direct from Tandoor, added a flavour to the platter.

The Main Course

Main course
Dal Makhani, Pulao, Mixed Veg, Tandoori Roti

Dal Tadka, Butter Chicken, Mix Veg, Kadhai Paneer, Biryani, Rice, Breads – Preserving the royality in each dish, the Ardor2.1 curated best of the Nawabi cuisines for main course. The menu, howsoever, was no different than the regular one but the taste brought a treat to mouth.

Nawabi Dessert


A classic Indian pudding that needs expert hands to get cooked to the perfection. Milk thickened with rice flour along with tinge of cardamom and saffron, and garnished with almonds, pistachios and rose petal. Highly tempting and delicious to taste.

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