Festivity of Eid is enjoyed with fervor, and when it’s Delhi it doubles the celebration with amazing eatery destinations serving awesome delicacies for Eid special. These 5 destinations in Delhi are on high fame this season to bestow each delight you desire on the special day.

1. Al Bake
21-23, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi
Contact: 011 – 41672588 | 41802588
Al Bake
Timings: 12 Noon – 11 PM
Cuisines: North Indian, Mughlai
Must-Try Dishes: Shawarma Rolls, Seekh Kebab Khaas

Amazingly crowded place in New Friends Colony’s Community Centre, the place bequeath marvelous tastes to the delicacies prepared here with some of it secret ingredients. Well, you might have to wait here for your order but, the wait is completely worth it. Not burning the hole in the pocket, Al Bake is going to be among most delighted place in Delhi for Eid celebration.
Cost for 2: ₹ 700/- approximately

2. Aslam Chicken
540, Bazaar Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid, Delhi
Contact: +91- 9312281022
Aslam Chicken
Timings: 4 PM – 12:30 AM
Cuisines: Kebab, Mughlai
Must-Try Dishes: Butter Chicken, Tikkas, Seekh Kebabs

Old Delhi’s favourite for over 19 years now, Aslam Chicken serves the Mughlai delights pampered in cream and butter. Melting in mouth, the Tikkas and kebabs, in particular, are truly mind-blowing dish that are roasted on a coal-griller and dipped in deliciously healthy butter. Oh! So Finger-licking! You can’t give amiss to the dish and this place this Eid.
Cost for 2: ₹ 500/- approximately

3. Cool Point
972, Bazaar Matia Mahal, Opp. Jama Masjid Gate No. 1, Jama Masjid, Delhi
Contact: +91- 9350217460
Cool Point
Timings:  2 PM – 2 AM
Cuisines: Desserts, Beverages
Must-Try: Shahi Tukda, Phirni

Approximately 25 years old, this place near Jama Masjid bestows great experience of sweets, desserts and chilled beverages of Mughlai roots. Exclusive is its deep-fried bread immersed in condensed milk and sugar syrup including saffron and cardamom and beautifully sprinkled dry-fruits. And then, of course, Phirini- a unique dessert made of milk and crushed ice, when served in clay containers leaves the ‘wow’ impression on people’s mind. Courtesy Md. Zahid who brought the cool idea of cool point and thanks to his son Zohaib who has preserved the trend and quality till date.
Cost for 2: ₹170/- approximately 

4. Ghalib Kabab Corner
Shop 57, Ghalib Rd. Near Lal Mahal, Nizamuddin, Delhi
Contact: +91-9810786479
Ghalib Kebab Corner
Timings: 12 Noon – 11:30 PM
Cuisines: Mughlai
Must-Try: Botti Kebab, Burra Kebabs

Serving best of the Mughlai dishes for over decades, Ghalib Kebab Corner is heaven in Nizamuddin for non-vegetarians. Its mouthwatering kebabs grilled over the coal, bathed in desi ghee or butter and the smoky flavour are just too amazing to be missed. Although, the place does not boast a great arena to be seated yet, the taste and aura of the dishes will bring you back here time and again. Perfect place to check out on Eid.
Cost for 2: ₹ 300/- approximately

5. Hyderabad House
A-291, Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi
Contact: +91 – 8527666683
Hyderabad House
Timings: 11AM – 10 PM
Cuisines: Hyderabadi
Must-Try Dish – Kheema Lukmi, Haleem, Qubani ka Meetha

Of course, how can Hyderabadi delicacies be left behind when it’s about Eid special? The place in Okhla serves much of the great delights in form of Biryanis and Mutton Puffs (Kheema Lukmi) but its signature dish – Hyderabadi Haleem is Mughlai mutton-lentils-wheat- stew dish is more than just enchanting. Exquisitely served with sweet and salt variants, it’s a special dish for Ramzan served gratifyingly at this place.
Cost for 2: ₹ 700/- approximately

This Eid, moments are to rejoice wonderfully while getting indulged with startling eateries in the city. Don’t miss a single corner.