Thai Sweet Chilli Crispy Veg

During an evening hour when you feel like spending some time alone with friends or partner, you can surely trust upon “Do Not Disturb” at Connaught Place. With its outlet nowhere else in Delhi, the recently-opened restaurant is all set to be the people’s-choice in the coming days as they will begin with serving some cool cocktails and drinks.

The Interior

Do Not Disturb

Beautifully designed interior boasts old-school theme where there are certain antique pieces hanging on a wall at one side, the furniture and seating arrangements also depict the bygone-days. Wooden floor, L-shaped wooden staircase, hanging lamps and any other stuffs here will take you to the era had never been part of.

Do not disturb CP

“Do Not Disturb” is what you can see all over the dining area – on the wall, at the back of the chair, and everywhere. Overall, quite an appealing ambience they have prepare for people to spend some valuable time at place where no one can disturb you.

The Dishes Here!
A cosmopolitan food, I would rather say. Not a single recipe here is from single zone. Their plan is to present something different – bringing foods from diverse regions and country and mix their flavours in to each other to give a complete new delight. And the same, thus, happens.

Chennai Paneer 65
chennai Paneer 65A great blend of North and South Indian cuisine where North Indian Paneer dish is prepared in South Indian Spice. It’s commendable. Accurately spiced dish with little tinge of sourness, ginger and curry leaves. The spice gave whole new flavour to the Paneer making it new to the taste-bud.

Thai Sweet Chilly Crispy Vegetable
Thai Sweet Chilli Crispy VegAs suggests the name, the vegetables including broccoli, beans, potato and others, was prepared with idea of mixing Chinese flavour with Thai flavour. The result? Lip-smacking.  Indian cuisine being mixed with Thai and Chinese spices gives it hot and sweet flavour. Cooked appropriately making each vegetable crisply to eat and garnished with fried noodles.

Spinach Chicken Thai Bulbul
Chicken Spinach BulbulChicken stuffed and prepared with spinach. I know it’s weird but believe me – it was delicious. It’s unbelievable that a non-veg item can be prepared with a green leafy vegetable and comes out to be great in taste. The dish was totally a treat to my mouth.

Vegetarian Cigar
vegetarian cigarThe taste of normal spring roll but presentation was pleasing. The cigar, rather the roll, was appropriately cooked with the oil nicely soaked away. Paired with mayonnaise, the dish was simply a good one to have with the drinks or Mocktails.

The Drinks Here!
Fairly good collection of mocktails and soon ‘Do Not Disturb’ will be serving cocktails too.

DND Green Apple Summer Spritzzers
DND Summer Apple SpritzzerCompletely indulged in Apple flavour, the mocktail is quite refreshing. Must try the mocktail if you have simple choice for the drinks.

Tropical Fruit Delight
DND Tropical Fruit DelightA grand blend of three fruits – Orange, lemon and a tinge of peach prepared. Truly a thirst – quencher! The drink can boost the energy leaving your soul completely revived. Beautiful presentation with its all three colours of fruits layered up nicely.

Cooler – Pineapple + Ginger
DND Pineapple Nutritional DrinkThe drink is, basically, a nutritional drink prepared with motto of boosting the digestion. Of course, after such heavy meal, one is required to grab some digestive drink for peaceful stomach.Thanks DND for this drink.

The Mood!
As described, the old-school theme is certainly making one get involved with the interior, the mood here is different from what we can expect after looking at the interior. Do Not Disturb has some nice selection of songs to be played at particular days. They have Sufi Nights for Wednesday and other such numbers on other days of the week. You got to check this out yourself.