If Food is authentic and scrumptious, it sounds “good.” And if it is pocket-friendly too, it sounds “great.” Isn’t it? The time is to explore some of the best regional foods in Delhi itself at unbelievable cost. Not convinced? Stepped into 14 undermentioned State Bhavan canteens to convince yourself that Delhi houses some of the best restaurants that serve authentic regional food as budgeted deals:

Andhra Bhavan
Ashoka Road, Connaught Place
Cost for 2 – Rs. 300

Biryani At Andhra Bhavan
Image: www.thetastingfork.com

Pamper yourself with the lavish assortment of tangy Rasam, Curd, Papad, Rice, Kandi Podi with Ghee, Chutney, and Vegetable preparations. In case you wish to hang on for breakfast, crispy Dosas, soft and tender Idlis and mouth-watering Vadas will tempt you beyond expectations.  This place will let ardent non-vegetarians drooling with its commendable offerings of Chicken Fry and Mutton gravy.

Gujarat Bhawan
11, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Cost for 2 – Rs. 350

Gujarat Bhawan Thali

Simple and light food that is easy on your belly but irresistible on taste. Delicacies like Bhakadwadi, fresh Theplas, Farsaan, Vegetable Preparation, Kathod with Pickle and Papad are commendable. The quantity is sheer to satiate your cravings perfectly. Don’t forget to gorge on its frothy Buttermilk to make your over-all fooding experience ultimate.

Banga Bhawan
3, Hailey Road, Barakhamba Road
Cost for 2 – Rs. 650
Most recommended – Kosha Mangsho

Banga Bhavan
Image: hangouts.co.in

Who is not familiar with a special delicacy from Bengal – “Mishti Doi?” And if you wish to relish it authentically right in Delhi, Banga Bhavan is the place for you. Spicy Kosho Mangsho here is spicy when served with Luchi will set you drooling. Dig yourself in dishes like Fish Paturi, Bhalpa Hilsa or Sorse Hilsa with steaming rice which is cooking using traditional Bengali methods.

Karnataka Food Corner, Karnataka Sangha
RK Puram, Rao Tula Ram Road
Cost for 2 – Rs. 400

Karnataka Sangha
Image: Zomato.com – Arjun

A reputed place known for serving crispy and mouth-watering Dosas with generous refills of Sambhar and Chutney. A spicy layer of chili paste in Dosas makes them distinctive and tempting too. Rice Idlis are fluffy, and Vadas are too soft inside and crispy outside to bloat your taste-buds with flavors. A perfect breakfast destination to give your day a “crisp” start.

Assam Bhawan / Jakoi
1, Assam Bhavan, Sardar Patel Marg
Cost for 2 – Rs. 600
Most recommended – Parampara Thali

Assam Bhawan Thali
Image: chowdersingh.com

Welcome yourself with an awesome Drink followed by Khar to clean your palate. Dal here is perfectly seasoned with onions and coriander. An authentically cooked Duck Curry is a must try where fish is first cooked over charcoal and then steamed in plantain leaves to elate your taste-buds perfectly. Payesh here is rich and creamy.

Odisha Niwas
Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri
Cost for two – Rs. 300

Odisha Niwas Thali
Image: tripadvisor.com

To relish the marvelous flavors of Mustard Fish and Prawn Kasha, this place is perfect to bang on. Every Oriya delicacy here is outstanding. To enjoy a bit of its stupendous range of dishes, go for its breathtaking Thali. Chenna Poda and Chokuli Pitha are beyond perfection as sweetmeats.

Nagaland House
29 Aurangzeb Road
Cost for two – Rs. 350

Nagaland House
Image: hangouts.co.in

Exceptional food that lets you salivate more. Dry fish here is served with Garlic, Green Chutney and Roasted Tomato Chutney which gives it a unique yet enticing flavor. Pork ribs are unique with spicy gravy. Relish, some Smoked Pork with bamboo shots and Green Chilies, to have an outstanding experience of mesmerizing food journey. Hard Luck, they are currently not serving outsiders.

Jammu and Kashmir House
Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri
Cost for 2 – Rs. 250

Love to experiment? This place gives you scope for that! The menu here is not fixed and gets changed every day. Safest among all bets is “Chicken Curry with Steamed Rice.” Other deals like succulent Mutton Rosh Jogan and Mutton Seekh Kebab are equally breathtaking. Rich and spicy gravies let you crave for more and more.

Kerala House
3, Jantar Mantar Road
Cost for 2 – Rs. 350

Kerala House
Image: hangouts.co.in

Try to move in before 1 PM else you might struggle for a long queue to satiate your cravings. The food here is just amazing. Although the seating area is limited, still its commendable food makes up for all. Malabar Parotta is soft, and Beef Fry is loaded with taste. Thali is a real show-stealer that has been priced just at INR 50.