Crazy Noodles Chinese Restaurant

Crazy Noodles doesn’t only sound crazy but are literally crazy. Well, not the noodles but the amenities over there like tilted glasses of water, funky menu, colourful chairs, tables and fans in green and pink hue and so, the crazy items in the menu. Who could have imagined that someday someone would have to order Incognito Mojito or Purple Rain? Who would have thought they would ever get to drink the Strawberry Kiss or Fuji Island? Thukpa, Tangy Bangkok and Crazy Ramen – ever had thought of these names to be eaten someday? Courtesy Crazy Noodles, they took us to the crazy –land of food.

With its specialty in Chinese and Thai, the restaurant in The Great India Place, Noida is tucked in small arena, covering very small yet beautiful area just beside the Big Cinemas entrance. Certainly, the crazy board at the entrance is to pull the attraction and thus, the crowd. Had it extended to the wider area the place could have been unparalleled one in the GIP.

Among various food courts in the mall boasting its some or the other specialty, Crazy Noodles have come up with unique idea and concept of tagging everything as ‘Crazy’. Certainly, no one could guess that the place actually contains something – means some Chinese delicacies – to be relished in one glance. Not less than kids’ playing destination it looks like but, it manages to convince kids as well as grown-ups to enter the arena and enjoy the foods with pleasure.

Not-so-wide with the menu list, the restaurant manages to serve some great Chinese and Thai delights to the best of their possibilities while preserving the authenticity in tastes. These include delightful soups, soupy noodles, starters, snacks, main –course, gravy as well as dry food items.

Crazy Noodles

Sumo Chowmein with Shrimp/Chicken/ Veg option is sure to be given a try. Chowmein with medium spice and less oil cooked with some green vegetables and less of the garlic and tossed with deep-fried chunks of shrimps/chicken. Besides, Thukpa is yet another delicacy of the restaurant introducing the traditional recipe from Sikkim where peppery noodles soup and vegetables are combined to bequeath real tangy flavour.

And the beverages, of course, are, too, not to be missed ones. If one is pampered with its traditional choice of beverages then Incognito Mojito or Mint Caprioska are right for you. And if you really wish to experiment with the taste – try out Apple Bloom or Purple Rain.

Crazy Noodles

Beautiful is the presentation of each beverage that hardly anyone is going to regret ordering any beverage here. But yes, regret is assured if a beverage is left out un-tasted. Apple taste for Apple Bloom, Grapy tang for Purple Rain, Strawberry, Mango and Orange flavours in Strawberry Kiss and scrumptious tang of litchi with sprite for Fuji Island – completely out-of-the-box beverages are served with exotic and unparalleled tastes.

Courteous staffs and the services are all set to bestow delightful experience at Crazy Noodles. A single visit to the place is just not possible. You got to visit the place again and again.