Choco Mud ShakeAnybody who has ever been to Chandigarh or lived there must be very well aware of the extremely popular Nik Baker’s! The most delicious Confectioners of Chandigarh (which originally have their roots in Australia) have FINALLY (yes, in Capitals because the news is huge!) found their way to Delhi and that too at one of our spot of GK-2, M-Block Market. We Delhiites were desperately waiting for this! Gone has the time when you had to ask your friends from Chandigarh to bring you the delectable Confectionery of Nik Baker’s as Delhi is all set with its own outlet!

The construction is going on in full swing! A two-floor space in GK-2 Market has been selected for the outlet. We just can’t wait for this amazing gemstone of Chandigarh to open in Delhi.
*Jumps With Joy*

Other bakeries in Delhi, watch out! Because you have got some serious competitor and challenge coming your way!