Cafe Nutrilicious

When taste is in mind, we always have to compromise with health and nutrition. Thanks to Cafe Nutrilicious that has come up with unique concept of combining taste and nutrition together. Rich in taste and full of nutritional values, the restaurant boasts good range of delectable in the city. Gone are the days when foodies had to compromise with nutritional value to fulfill their craving for tastes.

Tucked in a small area of Jaipuria Sunrise Plaza in Indirapuram, the cafe bestows lovely seating arrangements inside as well as outside, in the corridor. Not really a big crowd can gather here but the place is sufficient to arrange small gatherings with friends and families. With quite a limited items in each section of the menu, cafe Nutrilicious narrows, though, narrows its way of pulling the guests in but satiates health-freak people there.

In form of continental foods, the restaurant claims to serve the guests with health-benefit dishes. The restaurants mainly serves –

Subs & Sandwiches – They serve food with ingredients containing more of healthy- nutrients and less of unhealthy stuffs. Different types of Subs and Sandwiches are prepared here and each type carries different nutritional content. Jumbo Veg Club Sandwich comprises Coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, Zucchini and peppers. These ingredients are high in water content and rich in vitamin-C (the tomato). While Grilled Cheese Veg Sandwich is prepared with special sauce, fat-less cheese, Zucchini and lettuce. Quite a light dish for health but delicious to taste buds.

Breads, used at Nutrilicious, are made from Atta (whole wheat) or are Brown Breads. As they initiate to take care of people’s health, they do not use Maida (all-purpose flour) Breads for Subs and Sandwiches.

Sauce and dressings are prepared with specific attention towards health and hence, fatty cheese and mayonnaise are avoided or are used in very less quantity. Their special sauce is made out of milk and little fresh cream – as confirms the management.

Salads & Fruits – The Russian Salad is prepared by combining with the specially prepared sauce in combination with green-peas, carrots, apple, pears and other healthy fruits and vegetables. It’s rather classic colourful salad with healthy ingredients. Mango Mint Watermelon Salad, Raw Papaya Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Mexican Chicken Salad and others are other salads in the menu served with great focus on nutrition along with the taste.

Pizzas & Pastas – They claim absolutely delicious Pizzas with health-concerned no-maida Pizzas and Pastas. Maida is nothing but a refined flour. They overburden us with naked calories and hence, the reason to get fat. The special maida-free Pizzas & Pastas with health-friendly veggies– olives, tomato, capsicum etc. are served at Cafe Nutrilicious.

Wholesome Meals – Cottage Cheese Tomato Concasse, Spinach Corn, Chicken Parmigiana and so on – the list for wholesome meals are, although small but the content served will satiate the hunger immediately and for long-time. Spinach corn is the must-try dish at Nutrilicious. But, if you are craving for non-vegetarian dishes, Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken must be given a try.

Smoothies & Beverages – Certainly, the smoothies and beverages here are, also, believed to be served with health and taste at par. Aam Panna, Lime water, Fresh Lime Soda, Virgin Mojito, Mango Smoothie, Banana Smoothie, Chocolate Oreo Shake and others are allowed to be relished without giving a second thought.

There is no perfect time to have a healthy diet and delicious food. While Cafe Nutrilicious is open from 10 AM to 10 PM, you can check in for brunch, lunch, evening snacks as well as dinner.