Momos, Dimsums, or Dumplings – a dish originally from Tibet is on mouth of almost all Delhiites these days and these places are best to enjoy veg or non-veg momos in Delhi. Momos boast its historic journey from Tibet to Nepal, to Northeast India and to North India. It’s a steamed dish made of all-purpose flour (Maida) with different fillings inside – veg or non-veg and served with spicy hot red chutney. Well, the modified taste of these momos can now be experienced at different places in Delhi, some of which have taste of its own while some serves momos with authentic taste. Let’s have a look at these 20 places in Delhi that are famous for their Momos delights.

1. Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen
Address: M-20, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi
Contact: 011-41657868
Timings: 12:30 PM To 11:30 PM

Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Must-Try: Newari Momo Cha – With mutton as fillings and pampered in Nepali style gravy.

If true taste of Northeastern dish is to be experienced then what’s better place than a Kitchen from Northeastern region? Yeti – the Himalayan Kitchen serves deadly hot Momos in plates with four different varieties of chutnies – white sauce, very spicy red chutney, mildly spiced chutney or not-at-all-spicy chutney.
Cost for 2: ₹ 1350/- approximately
Cost for a Beer Pint: ₹ 190/- approximately
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2. Dolma Aunty Momos
Address: Shop 39-B, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi
Contact: 09717876181
Timings: 4 PM To 11 PM

Dolma Aunty Momos

Must-Try: Chicken Momos – freshly prepared steamed momos with very thin covering skin and minced chicken fillings inside. | Veg Momos for vegetarians are also not to be give a miss.

Spreading happiness among 1000 of people daily the lady has been serving piping hot momos with freshly prepared chutneys at her small stall for past 8 years, approximately. When it comes to taste, luxurious seating and astonishing ambience are the matters that can be compromised with, and the stall in Lajpat Nagar is one example. Chicken Momos as well as Veg Momos here are deliciously delightful.
Cost for 2: ₹ 100/- approximately
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3. QD’s
Address: 2520, 1st Floor, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi
Contact: 011 3310 5476
Timings: 11 AM To 11 PM
Qds Momos
Must-Try: Tandoori Chicken/Veg Momos – Smoke-grilled momos, almost double the size of original momos, filled with juicy Chicken or vegetable fillings inside.

Situated on the busy roads of GTB Nagar, in the area where Delhi University and North Campus are just nearby, the place is quite famous hangout for students. And of course, its pride – Tandoori Momos, are in talks of almost every Delhiite at almost every corner of Delhi.
Cost for 2: ₹ 750/- approximately
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4. Chalte Firte Momos & Special Foods
Address: 32, UB, Jawahar Nagar, Bangla Road, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi
Contact: 088264 97288
Timings: 11:30 AM To 10 PM
Chalte Firte Momos & Special Foods
Must-Try: Fried Afghani & Gravy Momos

Playing with momos and inventing new tastes with pleasure, the Momos here are of distinct tastes and varieties. Ranging from Afghani to Tandoori and Gravy to Fried momos, with varieties of fillings – mix paneer, akkha paneer, veg, mushroom, chicken, mozerella cheese, and manchurian momos, each variety leaves peculiar taste on the taste bud and elevates the craving for momos.
Cost for 2: ₹ 350/- approximately
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5. Café Brown Sugar
Address: M-73, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi
Contact: 011-41631246
Timings: 8 AM To 12 AM (MIdnight)

Cafe Brown Sugar GK 1

Must-Try: Chicken Tandoori Momos – Steamed dumplings with chicken fillings are fried with Schezwan sauce.

Besides coffee, wraps, sandwiches and other delights, Momos of Café Brown Sugar is what you can fall in love with. Apt destination for college students and for all those who wish to grab the momos pleasure at not-so-expensive value. Famous as Steamos – veggie, soya, paneer schezwan, chicken schezwan, mutton, fish, paneer with spinach or corn and lot more from the menu are absolute delights to be tried out every next time you visit the place.
Cost for 2: ₹ 500/- approximately
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