Who doesn’t like to move out of the humdrum realism and step into the world of fantasy and experience unique advents as boast these ten theme-based restaurants in Delhi? Certainly, when it’s about lunching or munching outside home, food joints and restaurants are leaving no reason for why they can’t be the perfect eat-out place in the city. Let’s check out what these ten themed restaurants have for us to get stunned and attracted.

1. Boombox Café – Theme Music
2&3 Khan Market, New Delhi
Contact: 011-33105377
Boombox Café
What’s The Theme? – Music
Timings: 12 Noon – 12:30 AM
Happy Hours: 12PM – 9PM
What To Try Must? – Fruit Based Hookah – Hookahs with flavour of several fruits such as apple, mango, orange, litchi etc.

If you feel like to cheer to the tune of Hip Hop then this restaurant satiates the desire with its absolute Boombox theme – a handy FM often seen on the shoulders of Hip-Hop dancers. And so, the aura of the restaurant is. Metal shutters, assorted menu and hip-hop lightings justify the theme. Delicious foods and exotic drinks along with fruit-based hookahs are served with great delight. Winters are awesome on the terrace here.
Cost for 2: ₹ 2100/- approximately
Cost for a Beer Pint: ₹ 250/- approximately

2. Chor Bizarre
Hotel Broadway, 4/15/A, Daryaganj, New Delhi
Contact: 011- 43663600
Chor Bizarre Hotel Broadway
What’s The Theme? – Vintage
Timings: 12 Noon – 3 PM |  7:30 PM – 11PM
What To Try Must? – Goshtaba. A middle spiced minced mutton cooked in curd and spices. It’s a Kashmiri dish considered as ‘The Dish of the Kings.’

Ever since its establishment the bizarre restaurant in Delhi, themed on old-is-gold, has been known for its out-of-the-imagination tastes, flavours, and quality of the delicacies. This led Chor Bizarre to international recognition and became first in India to be ISO 9002 certified. The restaurant has its branch in London which has won several awards over the years. Complete value-for-money in the city, Chor Bizarre is always ready to impress people with its ambience, dishes, and services.
Cost for 2: ₹ 2100/- approximately
Cost for a Beer Pint: ₹ 500/-

3. Café Dalal Street
M- 89/90, M-Block, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Contact: 011- 33106037
Café Dalal Street
What’s The Theme? – Stock Exchange
Timings: 12 Noon – 12 Midnight
What To Try Must? – ‘Tum Se Na Ho Payega’ – alcoholic drink, blend of 5 different alcohols.

Enthused by the subtleties of stock exchange the place served a dreadful range of drinks with prices on demands and created bizarre atmosphere with an amazing crowd and rocking dance floor. The place brags about all those amenities desired for a bashful evening from music to dance floor, foods and drinks and all other possessions. The destination sets the mood within few minutes with its fluctuating prices over the screens. Grab it all or leave them all – you got to catch the break.
Cost for 2: ₹ 1600/- approximately

4. 21 Gun Salute
SCO 35-36, 1st Floor, Main Market, Secctor 29, Gurgaon
Contact: 011-33106532
21 Gun Salute
What’s The Theme? – Retro/Royal Taj
Timings: 11:30AM – 11:30PM
What To Try Must? –  Nawabi Seekh  Kebab – Kebabs of ground lamb meat marinated with spices and herbs and grilled over coal for smoky flavour.

Grand lavishing restaurant in the heart of Gurgaon, it boasts nothing less than a palace of Nawabs and Maharajas way back in 1600 AD. Nonpareil historical relics and showcased frescos – royal guns, weapons, retro phones are completely breath-taking and so, is the royal ambience of 21 Gun Salute. Besides, deliciously amazing foods of multiple origins are icing on the cake. Experience the royalty here.
Cost for 2: ₹2000/- approximately
Cost for a Beer Pint: ₹ 250/- approximately

5. Howzatt
The Galaxy Hotel, Sector 15, Gurgaon
Contact: 0124- 4868091    +91-9911574548
Howzatt The Galaxy Hotel
What’s The Theme? – Cricket
Timings: 1PM – 1AM
Happy Hours: 9PM Onwards
What To Try Must? – Full Toss – A dark beer brewed with gently-processed Crystal Mal blend with zesty nutty essence delivering rich bitter after-taste beside delightful whiff.

Huge projector screens, glove-shaped sofa-sets, flood lights and cricket terms for beverages and cocktails menu as Full Toss, Bouncer, Googly and so on – these give complete feel of dining in a stadium. And of course, the golden figures of players in action sculpted on the walls and pillars all over are the show-stealers. Relish your favourite drinks while sitting in stadium-like super-cool pub watching your favourite cricket on screens.
Cost for 2: ₹2500/- approximately (with alcohol)

6. Jungle Jumboree
P-17/90, Outer Circle Connaught Place, New Delhi
Contact: 011-33107560
Jungle Jumboree
What’s The Theme? – Forest
Timings: 11AM– 11PM
Happy Hours: 11AM – 7PM
What To Try Must? – MAI TAI – Japanese Style liquor with Juice

You will feel like MOWGLI at Jungle Jumboree where the ambience reflects forest-look and boasts everything Junglee. And that includes logs as tables, turfed walls, and heads and sculptures of animals as showpieces. Feel like nomads – the real food hunters here.
Cost for 2: ₹1200/- approximately (with alcohol)
Cost for a Beer Pint: ₹ 120/- approximately

7. Motorcycle Café
Shop 61, Aggarwal Metro Heights, Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi
Contact: 011-42463161

Motorcycle Café
Image Source: zomato.com

What’s The Theme? – Bullet Motorcycle
Timings: 11AM – 12 Midnight
What To Try? –
KitKat Shake – Smooth blend of ice-cream, milk, vanilla extract, and KitKat bar served chilled with crushed ice cubes.
Paneer Garlic Sticks – Paneer marinated in ginger- garlic paste, curd and other Indian spices and grilled in oven with pieces of onions, tomato and capsicum.

A must-visit place for bike-cravers where every part of Bullet pops out of the front door and other parts of the Bullet is beautifully showcased. The sensation of the restaurant creates great enthusiasm for Bullet motorcycle in particular. Bikes are transformed into seats and tires work as tables. Just feel like enjoying some tasty fast foods in a garage where Bullets are being repaired.
Cost for 2: ₹ 500/- approximately

8. Tabula Beach Café
The Village Restaurant Complex, Asiad Village, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi
Contact: 011-33105032
Tabula Beach Café
What’s The Theme? – Outlandish Beach
Timings: 12Noon – 1AM
Happy Hours: 4PM – 7PM
What To Try Must? –
Smoked Paprika Chicken And Asparagus Pizza – Paprika, Garlicn ad Thyme marinated succulent chicken chunks in combination with Confit, Mushroom and Asparagus overloaded with mozzarella.

Reflection of name can be observed in the ambience that boasts beach-like arrangements with outdoor shack-like seating and indoor bar impression. Woody trace of the place makes it even more elegant. Regularly events and gigs along with some groovy numbers are the mood-makers. The resto-bar serves exotic menu with dispersed columns for “Ladies Night Tuesday’s”, “Retro Deals Friday” and “Sunday Brunch” as their special offers. Dance floors, on the other side, is cherry on the top.
Cost for 2: ₹ 1600/- approximately
Cost for a Beer Pint: ₹200/- approximately

9. The California Boulevard
J-2/5, 1st & 2nd Floor, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden
Contact: 011-33105744
The California Boulevard
What’s The Theme? – Hollywood Stardom
Timings: 12Noon – 3:30 PM  | 7PM – 1 AM
What To Try Must? – Char-Grilled Chicken – Chicken breasts with zest of lemon, garlic and herbs. Grilled on coal for smoky tang.

A chic café in Gurgaon famed for its unique concept of Hollywood theme and multiple cuisines from 33 countries including North Indian and Mughlai. What’s more? The café serves a vast variety of wines and cocktails that are truly mesmerizing. Bringing Hollywood fans to the eccentricity, the café showcases old Hollywood movies on the screens and the bar on the tramcar.
Cost for 2: ₹2300/- approximately

10. Wood Box Café
Shop 18, Opp. Venkateswara College, Satyaniketan, New Delhi
Contact: +91-9818364446    011-30758284
Wood Box Café
What’s The Theme? – Rustic & Vintage
Timings: 10:30AM – 10:30PM
What To Try Must? – Keema Pizza – Thin crust Pizza with overloaded mozzarella cheese, onion, capsicum, tomato and finely minced soft pieces of chicken/ mutton well-cooked with spices.

Showing up with an idea of showcasing recycled items, the wooden interior of the Wood Box is well-planned and exquisitely premeditated. Casted-off glasses, CDs, Drives, bicycle and other items are ingeniously recycled and set as the parts of their décor. Nonpareil delicacies ranging from pasta to pizzas and cakes and drinks mesmerize the guests and force them to visit the place time and again.
Cost for 2: ₹ 900/- approximately

Which of these themed restaurants attract you the most?