delhi smog
Source: Sushil Kumar/HT Photo

With toxic air all around the city, this year Delhi is struggling with highest level of air pollution and drowning in smog beating the record of last 17 years. According to System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR), Delhi has recorded a concentration of PM2.5 which is close to 500 micro grams per cubic meters, enough to clog lungs of an individual.

What is Smog?
When fog or haze gets intensified by the smoke or other pollutants in the air, they become smog. The term explains itself as Smoke + Fog = Smog. Yellowish or blackish fog is also a type of smog formed by mixing of air pollutants consisting fine particles and ground level ozone. It is also a mixture of various gases, dust and water vapor  Hazy air in the environment that makes breathing difficult is also referred as Smog.

Health Hazards of Smog
The demand for face masks has been surged up but still it doesn’t let people escape from health hazards.
• Skin irritation
• Burning eyes
• Hacking cough
• Lung infections
• Asthma
• Bronchitis

Reason Why Delhi is Struggling with Smog
Where many of us can expect Diwali fire-crackers to be the reason for smog in Delhi, the truth revealed by the expertise is little different.The pollutants in the air are not solely due to crackers burst on Diwali but, according to the sources and NASA report, the smoke has been blown in from the areas of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh where farmers have set the straw and waste crop on fire.

However, it is not clear that which of these two major reasons has contributed more to Delhi Smog. While, domestic fuel, road dust, vehicles and others are also the reasons for Smog in Delhi.

Precautions To Be Taken By People
Smog in Delhi for last few days has been extremely dangerous for health purpose. It has been highly advised by health experts to avoid outdoor physical activity as the tiny hazardous particles are present high in the air causing respiratory diseases. Complying to it, school holidays for 3 days have been declared by the Delhi government as a preventive measure.Wearing masks throughout the day is highly recommended while travelling or working outdoor.

Measures To Control Pollution Taken By CM Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has already set some measures to control pollution in Delhi.

• School holidays for 3 days
• Diesel generators are banned in Delhi except in case of emergency & hospitals. C
• Coal based Badarpur Plant has been shut down for next 10 days has already been initiates.
• Even for next 5 days, no demolition or construction work is allowed to carry out.
• Ban on the use of fires to clear straw and waste material
• Advanced machines shall be introduced to the farmers for the process.
• Odd-even for vehicles may be announced

Not only Delhi, but the neighbouring country – Pakistan also got affected and is facing high level of air pollution. Starting from November 10, vacuum cleaning of roads shall start while the water sprinkling was expected to get started by today, November 7. An app to monitor the burning of leaves is, also, expected to get launched soon.