Comic Con Delhi

Comic Con in India is gaining popularity consistently with each season comes by. Comic con is basically an exhibition which is held worldwide. It is for the comic lovers across the world. The first comic con India was conducted in Delhi and today is held in the cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The reason behind the popularity of comic con is it’s a great treat for the comic lovers across the world. People who are in love with comics, come together and have a great time.  They talk about their new ideas about their favorite comic characters. Today comic con is the place which shows the geek culture and offers some great comic merchandise such as toys, books, cartoons, and various accessories. Visiting Delhi Comic con can be a real enjoyable experience.

Following are some tips that will help you enjoy Delhi Comic Con Event to the fullest.

Find the Best Deal
If you are not looking for the really premium level merchandises then wait for a while and look for the better deals. There is a huge prize drop on the last day. You can really ask for crazy discounts. The only thing will be you won’t find much variety on discount prize.
Meet Fans and Artists. This would be one of the most interesting parts of visiting comic con. Meeting the fans and artists would be the craziest thing you will experience. People come here in the costumes of their favorite super hero. They do rally interesting things and entertain you.

Go Round the Stalls
Usually Comic Con is held on a huge area with number of stalls. Getting around them takes at least an hour. Visit each stall and think about what you require from comic con. Plan your day accordingly so that you will have plenty f time for the evening event. Go through all the stalls and choose the things carefully for you. Schedule your time in such a way that you will be able to give enough time for both; getting over the stalls and attending events. Attending the event at comic con can really be a fun. Also, try avoiding the timing between noon to 7Pm on Sunday and evening 4-7PM on Saturday as these are the peak times and rush is at peak at these time.

Small Bites of All Food Items
You will find various stalls with some great food items. Try and grab them all. Snacks counter are best at Comic Con event.  Remember! The party isn’t over yet. Do not eat much as you enter the event. Get light snacks to gather some energy to have big rounds of the stall because just one round will not be satisfying. Best is to have small bites at every round you pass by.

Shop Comic Con Best Merchandise
Comic con has great merchandises to offer. You can actually buy a lot of things for yourself. The merchandises you get at comic con are really rare and you won’t be able to find them on the online stores. All the merchandises are of premium quality and surely the best things you can have for yourself. If you really want to get the best of merchandises then visit comic con early. Visit the venue at its opening time. Once the rush comes in finding the right product would be difficult.

Active Participant of Cosplay
Comic Con is all about Cosplay. If you have been there and you haven’t been part of Cosplay then you are going to big the best part of the Comic Con event. Be the avatar of your famous comic character. Get their costumes and accessories up and be Marvel’s superhero. You can also follow the characters introduced in DC or StarWars comics. Justice League, Avengers, and others are best options to choose your favourite Comic Con character.

Get the Clicks with Cosplayers
Not to miss out the real fun at Comic Con. Get ready for the photo sessions with Comic Con Characters and Cosplayers.  If you are going to be a Cosplayer there, be ready to get clicks with the fans and the celebrities. Be polite. Never be rude. Remember, they have the sentiments with the comic characters. And if you are a big fan of any comic superhero, go ahead and get some clicks with them. Again! Be polite to them. Respect them and seek the permission to get click with you.