Indian Mountaineering Found
Source: Tripoto

If you have a strong will and consider yourself brave and strout, then Indian Mountaineering is the apt place for a real test. Located on Benito Jaurez Marg, this Artificial Rock Climbing gives a good platform to showcase your endurance level. You will also end up leaning some new skills here. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1980, this Apex National Body aims at providing and supporting expedition’s base to the adventurous genre.

Various adventures available here include Rope Crossing, Rock Climbing, Tyre Swing, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Crawling through net, Rope Ladder and Sport Climbing a Library.

Climbing a rock as a test is not about the Physical Fitness only but Mental Fitness too. This high Energy Arena may be Awe-Struck for Beginners but for Serious Climbers it’s just a child’s play. The encouraging words here add to your ‘Grip’ when to give a hand to your climbing skills.

Four Walls are available outside where you can test your potential. Beginner’s Wall, Intermediate Wall, Speed Wall and Lead Wall are the four parameters that give a commendable experience of Rock Climbing. If you are a first-timer, you should begin with the beginner’s wall. As the name suggests, it has been drafted for the sake of convenience of first-time climbers. Hooks have been strategically placed to make your climbing experience easier.

Once you are done with the Beginner’s Level, you proceed to Speed Wall Test. You need to have a considerable practice to reach the top by Climbing it successfully. Intermediate Level is proceeded for after Speed Wall Test. It requires greater strength as the wall is highly inclined. Once you are through Speed Wall, next comes the Lead Wall Test which is based on the concept of leadership climbing. No support is provided from any other person at this stage and the climber is responsible to mark climber hooks themselves.

Lead Wall actually provides the real life Climbing Experience to its climbers. It’s actually a fun watching experienced Climbers climbing this Wall or you may say literally hanging off cliffs.

If you think you need to have a considerable practice before trying your hand to any of these walls, then bouldering area is also available on the back side of the building. You may practice the ‘holds’ here by holding the markers provided here firmly. It will help you in building up your arm strength.

Well manicured lawns here add the charm to the place. Sometimes you may also notice Peacock perching over the Walls of the building adding a serene view to the place. The greenery amuses you here for sure beside a commendable Rock-Climbing Experience which resembles to the real life Experience to an extent.

The act of mountaineering may sound fascinating but it is much more difficult than it appears. Especially at beginning, you may tend to find out difficult even to move from one marker to another. But overall,its a great and fun-filled experience that needs to be explored by every enthusiast.

Address: 6, Benito Juarez Marg, South Campus, South Moti Bagh, New Delhi (Map)
Contact No.: 011 2411 1211
Timings: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 12:00 PM