kamani auditoriumLocated at the Mandi House area, Kamani auditorium is a unit of Bharatiya Kala Kendra Trust. Well connected with the public transport system like Metro and Bus, it is an elegant structure with Green Rooms, Public Areas, Main Hall etc. This 632 seater Kamani Auditorium in Delhi is the most eminent theatre Hall in the capital which is known for hosting some of the best International and National Theatricals, Musical and Dance performances.

With the width of 15 meters, the Hall is stretched to a depth of 14 meters. This cultural hub of the city has elaborate lighting designs with 2 flying bars. With sophisticated stage lighting including splendid lights that are too professional for the auditorium. Profiles, Pars, and Victories are few to be named. The best auditorium in Delhi is give an ample connectivity through a Soft Patching System that is completely computerized. 48 channels, zero 88, lighting-control Bullfrog Panel are well-connected with the system.

The height of the ceiling from the stage is 14 meters and ideal for conducting theatrical performances. From JBL Speakers to the power Amplifiers and a Soundcraft Mixer of 32 Channels, Kamani has all within it. With excellent acoustics, the Auditorium is equipped with a professional quality sound system.

As an elaborate security system, the Kamani Auditorium in Delhi has a facility of CCTV. There is a customer care to handle the inward calling of customers and handle their queries. Moreover, intercom facility is also available between Green room and the stage.