Art Of Living
Source: The Art of Living Foundation

With today’s stressful life, people have no doubt attained higher standards of living but at the cost of their Mental Peace and Health. A tumultuous mind with Hysterical thoughts drains out energy from our body and makes us feel tedious even without any work. To overcome all these issues and to Attain Mental Peace, Meditation is considered as an effective remedy.

A Meditation is just a way to relax your Body and allows your mind to dissolve. Art of Living is one such Non-Governmental Organization that has simplified this Activity so much that it can be carried by anyone with ease. With the aim to accomplish Inner-Peace and Stress Free Life, Meditation is considered as one of the most important activity.

Many times, people get confused with Meditation as concentration Enhancing Activity. But actually, it’s not! It is just a way to set your mind free from all the agitations and helps in relaxing your body. Serene and Tranquil Environ helps in the course of Meditation.

Art of Living conducts multiple Meditation programs including Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, Happiness Program, and Sri Sri Yoga etc. With their diverse Service Projects, the organization aims at empowering not just an individual, but a Society, or even a Country too.

Benefits like a Calm Mind, unshakeable Inner Strength, Clarity of Perception, and Rejuvenation, Relaxation, improvement in Communication, Blossoming talents and skills can be attained by this ‘much’ simplified remedy. It also helps to connect us to the inner source of energy.

Meditation is basically referred as the food for soul. By bonding us with others, it nourishes the values like Non-Violence, responsibility, Sharing and Peacefulness. Meditation also renders a Joy that never fades away. It also acts as a grief counselor. Not just conscious mind, Meditation largely soothes our unconscious mind as well.

Meditation does not require any special place, it can be conducted at any Clean and distraction free spot including your home or office. Sufficient ventilation and soothing lighting are the two important aspects of Meditation. It is important to sit for Meditation on the same time everyday to make it a routine. Start this routine for 10-15 minutes a day and then extend the time gradually. It is very important to wear comfortable clothes and you should keep yourself at ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

By enhancing mental clarity and decision making skills, Meditation helps in attaining work-life balance. With a deep sense of well-being and health your body, mind and spirit gets benefited immensely.

No further reasons are required to justify why mediation is becoming a vital part of mental as well as physical well-being. Art of living has a vital role for its outspread.

So, unwind your frustration by experiencing a guided Meditation at Art of Living.