Connaught Place
Source: Burrp

As beautiful a face Delhi has, as same a heart it contains. And nights here are as much Candid and Thriving; especially to visit Connaught Place and experience Excitement of Dark after Dusk. Night clubs, Bars and Restro-Bars, all full of Energy and Crowd both Young and Fun are numerous in CP. Nightlife in Delhi at its best begins from CP with Odeon Social, My Bar Headquarters, Excuse Me Boss, The Junkyard Cafe, Lord Of The Drinks, Tamasha, Kinbuck 2, etc having awesome affordable Food and Drinks that hit top-notch Entertainment with lively and throbbing Ambience. Try and content your Party-Animal instincts at CP but it is advisable to expect your craving to be endless, as Parties here makes you go on and on.

Connaught Place: (Map)