Daryaganj Sunday Book Market
Source: DU Beat

As a bookworm, how would it be to be surrounded by heaps of books all around that too by your favorite authors and few of them are the exclusive first editions and rare collections? Sounds like a dream? Then instead of paying visits to those fancy book stores which seems to burn huge holes to you pockets, try Sunday Book Market at Daryaganj.

With the gala of digitisation, the pleasure of reading a book cannot be overlooked. But at the same time, the hefty prices of these books let us forgo our desire to have a collection of our favourite authors. So this market is a paradise for Book-lovers with the sheer volume of books that too at dirt cheap!

This 1-km long market available only on Sundays as suggested by its name, starts around 9:30 AM . The staggering range of novels from fiction to science is mind-boggling. This market has something in its kitty for each kind of reader. From coffee table books to curriculum books, you can find giant piles of books for every taste.

Now filling up your bookshelf will no more take a toll on your pocket. From used books to the new ones, you will find a plethora of books with few book-sellers even selling them as Rs./ kg. All you know is How to bargain, to pick best of books at cheapest rates. But you need to get your hands on dirt as well. As most of these books are arranged in a sequence on a pavement, you need to dig-in diligently for your required reads. You can pick some famous reads as low as 40 bucks or may be 20 bucks. As most of the sellers have same books, a little ambling may let you grab a better copy at best prices. Be ready to face a jostling crowd as the market is quiet popular among students and fervent book readers. Some of the sellers here are quiet knowledgeable and well-informed about their expensive and rare collection of books. If you are not able to find your desired book at any other seller, swallow down your pride and hit back to the same seller to grab the desired book.

To reach the market, Metro is the best option as it will help you avoiding the massive traffic jams at old Delhi. Chawri Bazaar and Chandni Chowk are the nearest Metro Station, and from here you can take a rickshaw. Starting from Delhi Cinema, it ends up at Golcha Cinema. You can even club your book-shopping fiesta with a pleasant morning walk, all you need to do is to put on a comfortable pair of sneaker and start strolling this amazing world of books!