Art Picnic Happening In CP
Source: LBB

Picnics are always fun and when that get combines with art, the fun just multiplies several times! But art and picnic? Confused?

Colorothon, an Art Picnic happening In CP with live music and huge canvases! What an innovative way to fill your Sunday Mornings with so many Colours and Music!

Colorothon is for people of every age group and we are already excited to be a part of this rejuvenating event!

Everybody as a kid has tried their hands with paintbrushes, irrespective of the fact that they are good at it or not! So guys, this is the time to relive those days and let your hidden artist come out (even if there isn’t any)! Because, honestly, who is going to judge you there? Everybody will be having the time of their lives.

So take break from all the stress and head straight to this Art Picnic happening in CP on Sunday Morning that is open to everybody! You simply have to register yourself.

Where: 11th June, Sunday
Where: Central Park, CP (Map)
Timings: Starting At 8 AM