comic Con Highlights

Delhi is all set to roll out the best weekend throughout the year. Taking the hold of the city on 9th , 10th and 11th December, Comic Con has already paved a way to NSIC ground Okhla. The concert timings are 11 AM – 8 PM
Comic Con 2016 Highlights!

Like every time, this time too, the much beloved Comic Con will be loaded with fun, entertainment and enthusiasm. The conventional being will take you through to the extreme pleasure with some special features to take place in December.
• Special International Guests
• Cosplay Contest
• Volunteering Tasks

The Special Guests:

Tom Richmond – Honoured twice as “Caricaturist of the year” from the International Society of Caricature Artist, this humorous illustrator started his career as a caricaturist in a theme park at the age of 18. Awarded as outstanding cartoonist from the National Cartoonist Society, he does his award-winning art for Marvel Comics, The Cartoon Network, Time Digital, National Geographic World and many more. Best Known for his caricature “Usual Gangs of Idiots” at MAD Magazines.

Erik Larson – Known for his character as Savage Dragon but had started of his career in comic world as spider man’s artist. Post to the later, he went ahead to join six other talents in 90s and finally, form Image Comics This American cartoonist is also known for Fantastic Four: World’s greatest Comics magazine, the Doom patrol, Thor, Wolverine and many more.

The list of artists and creators who shall be a part of this esteemed show has not been revealed yet.

The Cosplay Contest:
Here is how it goes. Cosplay Contest is the real thing to look after at Comic Con Delhi celebration. It’s the celebration of pop culture. Cosplay Contest is a craftsmanship award show where all entries must have to enter the ground in a character from comics or element for the pop culture. One can opt the characters from comic books or graphic novels or else, get into the character of animated characters in movies and TVs. Various other such options for Cosplay Contest are also there you can opt from.

Comic Con Delhi
Comic Con provides opportunities to the people to volunteer to be part of the convention. Online registration form for the same is available on the site. Or, one can get registered through this link:

The participants will be provided with lunch for both the days of the convention and will be gifted with certificate of participation as well as a bag of goodies. Responsibilities are never that easy. Those who will volunteer will have to report the ground a day prior to the event, i.e. on 8th December. And for the actual days of convention, they cannot just turn down. And there is a list of terms and conditions for the participants for which you can check go through the site.

Comic Con Delhi show tickets are live. Guys and Girls! Buckle up the shoes!