Delhi Comic Con

Comic con is one of the greatest fest for the comic lovers. The event is conducted across the world and huge number of people visits this place every year with lot of enthusiasm. The comic con got started in 1970 and is gaining the popularity with each coming day. The event now is organized in few cities of India. Mumbai is the place where you can enjoy comic con to the fullest. Following are the things you can consider before visiting comic con.

Big thing is, this year too, the Comic Con fever is back in Delhi and is landing as Alto Delhi Comic Con on 9th, 10th and 11th of December, 2016 at NSIC Ground Okhla.

Visiting time

Right Time to Visit
The timing of comic con is around 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM. If you want to enjoy to the fullest make sure you visit early. This will allow you to attend the interesting events such as stage sessions, comic and movie launch and many other cool things. Sundays are mostly more crowded so better plan your visit on other days.

comic con passes

The Passes
While visiting comic con you must get your passes. You can also search for the event online and find out the venues which are offering its passes. You can also get the entry pass at the event venue. The prize of pass varies in each city. Most convenient way is to pre-book your passes so that it would not be a problem in the rush hour.

Comic Con Session

The Must-Attend Sessions
Every year comic con comes with interesting events. The time table of the event is pre organized so that you can choose which event you want to attend. Just go through the time table and plan your visit accordingly.

comic con stalls

Things to Check Out
Comic con has almost everything to offer to its visitors. Once you get in you will find many stalls. These stalls are divided according to their categories. You can just go there and check out for the merchandises you really wanted. Also don’t forget to visit the artist alley.


Respect the Cosplayers
Make it very clear in your mind that the Cosplayers are there for making the event more happening. Do not treat them as if they are there for your personal entertainment. Give them better respect and always ask them before taking a picture.

cosplayers galore

Cosplay Galore
One of the most interesting things you can find in comic con is the costume play. The best part is you can dress up like your favorite super hero. Dressing up like them would be a great fun.

comic con bag

Get a Bag
Alto Delhi Comic con is surely an event place where you can literally buy many things. Carrying your own bag will always help you? There are also some free bags available on some comic con passes. Grab them and fill them with the loots purchased there.

crowded comic con

Do Not Touch
Though the area is quite crowded but make sure that you don’t get touchy with anyone. This may lead you in some serious problems.

comic con stuffs

No Bargaining Please
Stuffs available at the stalls for sell are at reasonable rates and are exclusive. Purchase them only if you think that’s worth purchasing or spending money. Bargaining is best for vegetable markets and not for the respectful events. Try not to bargain with the prices there as they might feel insulted.

The Great Food
Comic con in Delhi won’t disappoint the food lovers. Once you visit the place you really don’t have to worry about the hunger. There are a quick snacks and a food court available where you can have some really delicious food items. There are many sections of cuisines available from which you can choose your favorite pick. You can also grab your stuff have enjoy it while roaming around.

Comic Con

Keep the Cash
As per current scenario in the country, it is highly advised to keep the cash along with you to make the purchase instantly. Else, you might have to queue up in front of the ATM machines for an hour or two.