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OMBRE! As soon as you hear this word, you start imagining ombre hair, ombre lehengas, ombre nails, but now this awesome trend has caught up to lips also! Yes, you got that right! We are talking about the ombre lips. Following the present trends for fashion, who would deny to get ombre lips today?

The question arises that what exactly is ombre effect? In simple terms, ombre (Origin: French) means having different shades of colours that gradually blend into each other giving an effect of light to dark. Similarly, when applying lip colours, you can come out of the usual and boring single colour trend, and experiment with different shades, giving your lips an exotic ombre effect. Apart from looking stylish and sassy, it also makes your lips look fuller by grabbing all the attention to the center of your lips.

How many times has it happened that you are getting ready for a party or a dinner and you just can’t decide between the two lip colours? How many times you would have thought of how to get ombre lips?

Need help to get the ideal ombre lips? Looking for the tips for ombre lips? Here are various looks you can choose from and follow the easy tips to get ombre lips.

But, before that, your lips need to be prepared for the ombre look. Follow these simple tips to get ombre lips perfectly! –
• No matter which look you choose, your lips to be hydrated properly. Moisturize them with an effectively hydrating lip balm.
• Lip scrubs are perfect to get rid of the flakiness of the lips. Use a lip scrub or you can even prepare it at home by using sugar granules and honey.
• Finally, you just need a concealer to even up the colour tone of your lips.

Now, you are all set to choose the perfect kind of ombre lips for yourself! Let’s have a look at the various quintessential ombre looks we have for you! –

Light To Dark

Light To Dark
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If you have fair skin tone then you must get this ombre-lips kind at any cost! These are the lips that have lighter shade outside and get darker as we apply the colour on the inner part of the lips. You can try this with red or pink. Start applying with the dark shade on the inside and then switch to light ones on the outside.

Dark to light

Dark to light
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In this look you have dark and fuller lips on the outside, which gets lighter on the inside. Choose a dark colour lip pencil for defining the outline of your lips. Carefully outline your lips with this dark colour in gentle strokes and make it a little thicker than usual. Then choose a lighter shade but in the same tone of colour, for filling the inside of your lips. Apply this light colour and blend it well. You have statement-making lips ready!!

The Oh-So-Hot look

The Oh So Hot look
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If you have always been the one who loves dark coloured lip shades and can carry them off as if you rule the world, you will certainly appreciate the tips for ombre lips. Take a dark coloured lip liner, maybe black or brown, and trace the inner corners of your mouth and lower lip as well. Now, take a dark coloured lipstick (preferably plum or wine colour) and trace these lines. Then finally, take a red lipstick and apply it across your lips (because if we are going for the dark look and we do not use red lipstick, it would be TOTALLY UNFAIR). You are all set to dominate the world now!

Two-Shade Game

Two Shade Game
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Even if you don’t have enough time still you can get the trending ombre lips. Apply a dark shade on one lip while, a light shade on the other. And then just simply blend them on the inner sides. Lo and behold! Your sweet and innocent ombre look is ready!

Every few days a new fashion trend makes its way in the town, and people go crazy! But it is not necessary that you have to mindlessly copy and follow all the trends. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that you have to feel confident in your skin while following that trend. When you gaze at your reflection in the mirror, you should like it first, before anybody else.

Be confident, be bold, be creative!