makeup for workplaceEveryone wants to look good ALL THE TIME and especially in your working place where you spend long hours of the day. But looking good doesn’t mean that you have to load your face with makeup. Overdoing makeup in your workplace can hamper your personality and your overall growth. So, here are some easy makeup tips to look upon to look like a professional business lady –

1. Wash your face with a nourishing face wash wash your faceWash your face properly with a light moisturizer and let your skin breathe before coming to your office. Use herbal face wash during summer season to avoid any reaction and keep skin cool and calm. Try to get rid of the oily particles as much as you can because oily skin attracts polluted particles, thus causing pimples. Keep your face hydrated and fresh to look good in office.

2. Shimmery eye-shadow for a fresher look eye shadowYour eye-makeup, at workplace, says everything about your sense and approach. You don’t want your eyes to look sleepy and tired especially in an office and it can be taken care of by using a shimmery eye-shadow which makes your eyes look sharper and attractive. They can really make a statement in your working place. Use natural shades to look natural in office workplace.

3. Keep your eye liner in check eye linerFor heaven’s sake please do not winged eyeliner especially in an office! It has to be kept in mind that office is not a party place and hence, loud makeup like winged eyeliner is a big NO! There are a lot more important things to be looked into before leaving for office beside winged eyeliner.

4. Don’t make your lips glossylipsMatte or less glossy lips at workplace looks decent. Try to keep your lips matte. Don’t make it radiant or shinny. It just doesn’t go with a workplace setting. One should keep in mind that you are not going to attend a happening event. Glossy and shiny lips attract a lot of unwanted attention from co-workers. And trust us, matte lips look really professional and business-like.

5. Neat is the word for hairstylehairstyleYour hairstyle at workplace says a lot a about your personality. And believe it or not, people do judge you on your hairstyle. So, to make an elegant and professional impression in your workplace, always keep your hair look neat and organized. Tie them in a classy bun or ponytail. But neat doesn’t mean that you always have to tie your hair. Even if you are leaving your locks loose, just make sure that they look neat and are not going all over the place covering your face.

Above are few makeup tricks for workplace that you can manage at home. Look good at office and get going with your career and growth.