5 DIY Face Packs To Get Healthy And Nourished Skin In Monsoons
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Monsoons bring with it a lot of happiness and joy but sometimes we ignore the fact that they also bring infections and diseases because of moisture forming Bacteria. We pay attention to our hygiene and food habits but we also need to pay equal attention to our skin care. Our skin also needs Detoxification in the Monsoons to remain away from puffiness, allergies and any kind of Skin Infections or Diseases.

And since we have always believed in going the natural way, we have brought some DIY face packs for Monsoons which will make your skin healthy and make it glow! You can prepare these DIY face packs at home in no time!

Gram Flour-Besan
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• To prepare this first face pack, take three tablespoons of Gram Flour/Besan. Since honey has Antibacterial Benefits, add one Tablespoon of Honey, so that it removes extra bacteria formed because of Rains.
To get a better consistency, take Green Tea and add 1-2 tablespoons of it till it reaches the thickness you want. In the end, mix 4-5 drops of Rose Hip Oil in the mixture to avoid skin becoming dry. Mix all the contents well and apply the pack for around 30 minutes.

Gram Powder, Green Gram Powder while half its amount of Fenugreek Seeds
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• We all are addicted to face washes, aren’t we? But they are actually very harsh on our Skin and result in drying of the skin. So why not wash your face also naturally with a Skin Powder? Take equal amounts of Gram Powder, Green Gram Powder while half its amount of Fenugreek Seeds. Mix all these ingredients and prepare a paste with mixing rose water. Wash your face with the paste and experience a refreshing and clean skin!

Potato Juice, Rose Water, Lemon Juice
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• During Monsoons, we sometimes witness rashes or blemishes emerging out of nowhere on our Skin. Acnes also become a very common problem. But no need to worry now, because a perfect solution for it is potato as it helps in soothing these problems! Take a Raw Potato, grate it well and with the help of a Cheese Cloth, and squeeze out its Juice.
With this Potato Juice, mix a small amount of Rose Water, two Teaspoons of Lemon Juice and apply it on your face. Rose Water will help in removing the redness (if there is any) around acnes and blemishes while on the other hand Lemon Juice will fight acne because of its high acidic properties. Leave the face pack for 30 minutes and then simply wash with Water.

Banana and Vegetable oil
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• This is one of the most easily prepared DIY Face Packs. Take a Banana, mash it and after adding one teaspoon of Vegetable oil in it, beat it well. Apply on your face and leave it for around 20 minutes before washing it off with normal Water. The Face Pack shows best results for people having dry to normal skin.

Orange Peel Powder
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• We also face the problem of tanning in Monsoons which becomes very annoying with time. Therefore, to remove tan, take one teaspoons of each – Orange Peel Powder Milk Powder, Sandalwood Powder – and mix them. After that, mix 2 drops of Lavender Oil, Lemon Juice, Yoghurt to make a proper paste. Apply this DIY Face Pack on face and leave for 15 minutes before washing it off with water.

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